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A girl who was born on August 17th 1993 with the name "Adeayu Hadijah". Not "Ade Ayu" or "Khadijah", but "Adeayu Hadijah".. ^^ A really strong and meaningful name for her, "ade" mean forever young, "ayu" mean beautiful, and "hadijah" mean wife of the Prophet Muhammad. So its mean a young beautiful girl and wishes she become like Khadijah. Would call her Adeayu or Ayu or Deay~ She doesn't like when people call her "Ade".

She's the only daughter in her family. She had graduated from SMAN 1 Pangkalan Bun. Now she lives with her cousins in Banjarmasin, South Borneo, studying Economic Shariah.

She wears hijab and loves fashion so much.
Fashion to her "fashion is not just about expensive clothes or branded things. It's about how you wear it, mix-match it, and show it off"  and depend on her mood, colorful, girly with a little boyish, stunning look, and FUN!

Currently in Sanggar Bahana Antasari as theater actress, joined it on October 2011 as 19th generation.

She was:
  • Sanggar Bahana Antasari, an art group in her campus as newbie theater actress, her alias is "Ncus"
  • Drop Your Books volunteers
  • VIP Family Kalsel member (A fans club for BIGBANG)
  • ASRI (anak-anak Syariah) 2011-2012 staff, a faculty student's group
  • BEM Fakultas Syariah 2012 staff , a student executive group of her faculty in campus
  • HIMA Kobar member (hiatus), a group of college student from her town, Pangkalan Bun who live in Banjarmasin
  • MPB (mobile photograph Banjarmasin) (2012-2013)
  • 09 Theater Art Group (2012-2013)

her facts : part 1, part 2, fashion's facts.

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  1. wow,, thats all great
    hello I'm ulil from west java
    salam kenal ka'deyu

    1. thank you Ulil ^^
      poor me, I just read your comment >_<
      nice to meet you too :D


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Living as the only one daughter in her family for 22 years. "Daddy" adorer. It's about her retro and girly with a bit boyish taste! Shown her biggest love to wear skirt, boots. People call her Adeayu or Ayu / Deay. She comes into the world on 17th August 1993. Yes! On Indonesia Independent Day. Known as "Ncus" of Bahana Art Group and part of 09 Theater Art Group. Sleeping wherever she is.. Wears Hijab and PROUD with it. Fashion quote : "fashion? Is not just about expensive clothes or branded things. It's about your sense, how you wear it, mix-match it, and show it off" fashion to her : depend on her mood, colorful, brown-ish, modern-retro, stunning, and FUN!


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