Monday, January 4, 2016

Challenge Yourself

Sneakers - Converse, Tote Bag & Sunnies - Forever21, Parka - Moshaict, Scarf & Skirt - unbranded

Welcome 2016! First post is outfit post hehe. It's just quick post, so I wear skinny skirt which I bought in Jakarta last October with green parka, well... I don't really like this kind of skirt, because my body doesn't fit it (poor my chubby body) and it's makes me hard to walk, and green? I just don't like green color hahaha.
But I challenge myself to wear them and tada~~ here I am :D My bestfriend who came from Semarang took these photos said I'm really fit antagonist or villain role, haha, maybe because my eyes.Took these photos in my parent's hotel, Jamrud Syariah Hotel, this is the unfinished building, the second part of the hotel. I always love unfinished building, it has it's own aura.

How was your new year? do you celebrate it? I don't haha. But I went back to Jakarta for several days, yeaah short holiday! Talking about 2016, do you have any resolutions? I do! But I keep it for myself. 2015 was really a good year for me, through the good and bad. I went to Saudi Arabia again and visited Abu Dhabi, went to Jakarta for 4 times, I act theater 3 times, featured in newspapers (again), got myself boyfriend and broke up and got other relationship and broke up (again) hahaha, went to village for KKN, and so many stories! I really thank God for 2015 and I believe 2016 will be more awesome year.
My super pretty bestfriend!
Special artwork from my friend Feedya!

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14 sweet words:

  1. hey babe both of u are looking super nice :)

  2. timbul sorang handak jua nah me olah postingan pas
    lagi ootd

    1. waah orang banjar yaa, lakasi jua olah postingan ootd XD

  3. This is such a nice and effortlessly chic outfit :) love your bag - it's so quirky!
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  4. Kece banget siiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhh..
    Kakak selalu pengen gegayaan kaya gini, gagal T,T Pasti jadinya kaya keliatan pendek atau gimana, emang pendek sih xD

    Pssssttt.. Kakak ninggalin comment dongeng sebelum tidur tuh di blog Ayu yang satu lagi. Wkwkwkwkwkkwkw

    1. samaaa kak sebenarnya aku juga takuut kelihatan pendek huhu, pengennya pake wedges tapi eh dicoba kok makin kelihatan gendut ya aku.
      Sudah bacaaa hihii, bener-bener cerita kita miriiip kak!


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