Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Unused Room

Happy Tuesday Creamers, back again with some pictures taken by my lovely friend, which taken in my home, our second floor has some unused rooms, never thought to take pictures there, the result was so amazing! Well, this is my third post this year, it does feel good for being productive, hehe.
Unfortunately we couldn't save some photos T_T dunno what happen with the camera that time.

watching: nothing (I dont have much time to watching tv or korean drama nor american tv series like I used to watch, I felt so tired everytime I went back from work and end up sleeping).
listening to: Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
reading: The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
eating: so much vegetables and fruits to loose some weight
doing : work and work after two days holiday
feeling - so grateful and being in love!
weather - still rainy
wanting - to go to Banjarmasin
my favorite

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18 sweet words:

  1. Pretty pictures from you hihi


  2. Howdy comrades ! How are you ! haha It's been a while . How did you find my blog tho . I'm amazed of your previous post of Umrah . You're one lucky girl , you know ? haha , I think you go there quite often right ? . Alhamdulillah I'm happy for you . Your blog also good too . Full of colourful post and honest post . I shall give you A respect for that :D . hehe

    1. I'm really fine Syam. Hahaha, I read your comment on some blog and then click on your profile! Your blog changes a lot! Its my second visit, I also admire your blog Syam ^^

  3. hai salah kenal yaaaa :)
    ketika aku baca, tulisan mu yang setelah kerja udah langsung capek ! udah gak kepikiran lagi drama korea. setujuuu bgt, yg lbh di inget kasuuur haha

    1. Halo salam kenal kembali hihi. haha iya, kalo ada waktu kosong / istirahat pasti lebih milih kasuur.

  4. Awkk lucuuuk.. fashion blogger ya ??
    ini cita citaku dulu tapi gaada yang motoin..

    Im followed you also yah siis ^^. If you mind, kita tukeran blogroll :D

    1. Hai Laili, sebenarnya lifestyle blogger sih hihi, apa aja yang aku suka aku post. Aku juga jaraang ada yang motoin, seringnya pake timer. ^^ wah boleh tuh tukeran blogroll, ide menarik aku bakal pasang widget baru nanti aku masukin link kamu yaa.

  5. Sayang banget kamarnya dianggurin... cahayanya bagussss...

    1. iya nih ka soalnya di lantai dua, dulu dipake karyawan buat tidur, terus gak kepake lagi.


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