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Itut Kadut Company (IKC) Cafe

 Hi My Creamers, I'm back again with a new fresh review about a little cafe in our little town, Pangkalanbun, Itut Kadut Company (IKC). The owner is my brother's friend. This is my third visits, since I rarely go back to my hometown. First time I went there with my best friend, Tiur last October. Than, this month I went there with my friends and my family.

Hai Creamers, balik lagi dengan review cafe yang ada di kota kelahiranku, kota kecil, Pangkalan Bun, hehe. Itut Kadut Company (IKC) adalah sebuah cafe milik teman kakak laki-lakiku. Tahun lalu, tepatnya Oktober 2014 aku berkesempatan mengunjungi cafe ini, tapi karena aku jarang balik pulkam, akhirnya setahun lebih, tepatnya Desember ini aku baru bisa mengunjungi cafe ini lagi bersama teman-temanku.

I'm absolutely in love with this cafe, because its soooo homie and clean, the foods and beverages also delicious, well I knew they made it with love ^^. I ordered their Cheese Melt Burger third time and I want it again and again XD. The interior is full with wood and brown theme, there is a cute (hehe) stage for komikers (am I right?), people who do stand up comedy or whatever actually I don't care :p. They sale clothest too here.
But, in my last visit, there were some men smoked in the cafe, its indoor and Oh God! Kenapa mereka harus merokok di ruangan tertutup, berAC, and we bring baby at that time! And their delivery order was a bit slow response

No worries, I will always come back to this cafe, because I'm in love with their burger and hot chocolate mint too! Make sure if you visited my hometown, Pangkalan Bun, you must visit this cafe too.

Aku benar-benar jatuh cinta sama cafe satu ini! Selain sangat "homie" cafenya juga bersih, makanan minuman yang disajikan gak usah ditanya yah, enaaak banget, karena dibuat dengan cinta hihihi. Aku udah mesan Cheese Melt Burger mereka tiga kali dan gak bisa berhenti buat mesan XD. Interior ruangannya sendiri didominasi warna cokelat, kursi-kursi kayu, dan lumayan "vintage", ada stage buat para komikers juga, eh aku gak tau tulisannya benar atau gak, stage buat orang-orang yang mau stand up comedy itu. Mereka juga jualan beberapa pakaian di pojok cafe.
Sayangnya, terakhir kali aku ke sana sama kaka laki-lakiku, kaka ipar, dan anaknya, ada beberapa pria yang sedang ngopi sambil ngerokok, dan aku shock banget, ini ruangan berAC dan tertutup tapi mereka dengan santainya ngerokok di dalam ruangan :( Delivery order mereka juga agak slow respon menurutku, kalo kata kakakku, itu karena mereka belum ada pegawai yang bisa nganterin orderan. 
Tapi gapapa, cafe ini bakal tetap jadi tempat favoritku karena aku udah jatuh cinta sama burger dan hot chocolate mint mereka hehe. Kalo main ke Pangkalan Bun, jangan lupa mengunjungi cafe ini yaa. Must visited place banget!

Price: Foods (8k-30k) Beverages (4k-24k)
Taste: *****
Place: ***
Service: ***
Location : Jl. Iskandar (Bundaran Pancasila), Pangkalan Bun, Central Borneo
Line : itutkadutcompany
Opening hours: 04.00 PM - (update later)
Instagram: @itutkadutcompany @khusnulmunawati

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with my niece
Last year with my best girl
This year with my classmates in high school

My friends and I decide to meet up at 6 PM, but because it was rain a lot, we met at 7 PM. While waiting I took some celfies
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Their Avocado keruk also delicious!
Their Menus

Special artwork from the one I love and from my friend Feedya!

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  1. Hi dee, udah lama nggak main ke sini. hihi. Aku lagi detox dan liat foto2 kamu jadi laper. Sure I'll visit the cafe kalau aku ke sana :)

    1. hihi hii kak Yulia ^^ main-main ke sini yaah ka nanti hehe

  2. It looks like a really great place and the food must be delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    Check out my blog if you want: www.theglamandglitter.com

    Tamara xxx

  3. It's such a lovely restaurant, you look beautiful and the little one!

    Happy Holidays!
    The Flower Duet

  4. HWAHHH posisi tempat duduknya hampir sama eyyy hheee ^_^

  5. cafenya bagus.. apalagi kalo ada live music-nya pasti lebih keren. :D

    Salam kenal :)

    1. salam kenal juga mas. iya ada live musicnya kalo malam minggu kalo gak salah hehe

  6. Suka banget sama interirnya yang wood material. Dan kursinya.... mengingatkan sama kursi sekolah ya? Haha. Penasaran bgt sama alpukat keruknya, kayaknya enak ya hihi

    The Anandic: Passion Journal

    1. yeeep mengingatkan sama masa sekolah banget hehe, alpukat keruknya enaak banget.


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