Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Been A While (featuring "سلام" by @riarizkyf)

Scarf : Noen | T-Shirt : Riaclothes.RRF | Dress as Skirt : Zara | Sneakers : Adidas | Watch : Daniel Wellington
 Hi hi Creamers! I really miss my readers, I don't have much time today since I have a lot tasks (yes, campus tasks T.T) to do. So sorry for the late update (sigh), too busy with two theater scripts at the same time, I went to Taman Budaya almost everyday for practicing together with other art groups from other campus. It's really nice to meet a new people and learn from new director.
Thanks to someone who takes care of me, the one who always remember me to pray, eat well, practice, and rest.

This time, I wear "سلام" t-shirt from Riaclothes.RRF, owned by my junior in my campus, she asked me to help her introduce her online shop. The word "سلام" means "hi" or "hai" in Bahasa, I really love this t-shirt, the material is so different, so soft and absorb the sweat. Highly recommend it! If you are interest to have this kind of t-shirt with Arabic word or simply want one with your name (also in Arabic or other language) you can order it on her online shop.

سلام t-shirt by Ria Rizky Fajarwati (instagram : @riarizkyf)
online shop (instagram) : @riaclothes.rrf
bbm : 27EA6EC8
line : riarizkyfajarwati
whatsapp : 082154935553
 Photographer of the day, my bestfriend, my art group family, my "mami"
 So see ya later!

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15 sweet words:

  1. Awww cantikk banget ka Ayu :D

    Suka deh sama skirtnya kak <3

    Hahaha, sibuk banget ya kak. Tapi sesibuk apapun semoga selalu sempat ngeblog hihii

  2. cantik banget kak


  3. I do love white and black, Kak! Do you live in South Kalimantan as well? Me too! Wish we can be a friend, ehe.

  4. Lovely outfit!


  5. You are very beautiful *-* cute looks

  6. what a cute outfit.. and u look cute either.... love!

  7. loving the monochrome set on you! sporty stylish, indeed!


  8. very stylish :)


  9. Cute look!<3<3
    Mind following each other? Let me know!


  10. bungasnya ai orang banjar ni hehehe


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