Sunday, April 12, 2015

How To Make Banana Ice Cream

Hi Creamers! How are you? How is your weekend? I'm spending my weekend by stay in home, it's rainy all day long and I'm still need some rest after my busy week with middle tests and theater performance by my art group, Sanggar Bahana Antasari. Everything was so incredible! My art group win the best performance, the best actor, and the best theater director last night on "Festival Teater Si Palui" by Sanggar Titian Barantai UNISKA.

This time, I'm going to share my little experiment with banana. If you're ice cream lover, I bet you know this guilty-free banana ice cream, yes, an ice cream made by frozen banana.

All you need are frozen slice bananas and food processor. Unfortunately I don't have food processor so I used blender, the banana will get fully creamy and a little bit aerated with food processor. Mine's a little mushy and too liquid >_< But it's eat-able :p
 So this is my versions of banana ice cream.
Chocolate banana ice cream, Oreo banana ice cream, Strawberry banana ice cream, and original banana ice cream! I try to mix oreo and strawberry banana ice cream in one glass too. My lil brother enjoyed the oreo one.
So see you on the next post!
with my favorite #88lovelife book by my favorite blogger, Diana Rikasari
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8 sweet words:

  1. Hey :) thank you for the kind comment on my blog.

    How sweet is this post <3 will check out your lookbook also ;)



  2. masih ada kah kak? *hapus iler*

    Olah tutorialnya kak hehe nyaman ulun mencobai juaaa

  3. ya ampun sampe tumpeh tumpeh. Ngiler banget kaaan liatnya :D
    Must try nih (y)

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd


    In my case, I make banana into cake :)
    But Ice cream sounds more delicious. I should try a.s.a.p

    Mau resepnya yuuu <3

    Aul Howler of
    The Dragonfly Wants A Jean's

  5. It looks delicious !

  6. Umayyy nyamannya meliat eskrimnya,, untung kada lagi puasa,, jaka pas puasa bisa khilaf saya ^_^

  7. yumm everything looks so yummy, perfect for snacking while reading :D


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