Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Your Green Wall

Scarf : JTClothings | Shirt and Skirt: unbranded | Collar Chain: Zi by Fachrozi | Bag : Classroom | Stocking : sox galeri | Boots : Dr. Martens 1430 | Watch : Daniel Wellington

Hi dear creamers, how is life? Life has been so busy these days with my college and art group (I know I always talking about these stuffs :p). But finally a new blog post with an ootd. Btw, I went to watch The Avengers with Dini, my partner in crime (actually she is my cousin, my lovely photographer) last Monday and I really satisfied with the movie! Who is already watch this movie? If you haven't watch it, you better go.

I always love wearing my Dr. Martens 1430 which I bought in Jakarta last January, I choose black again when I'm already have two black boots (or three, I don't remember). But I rarely wear it to campus since I need to remove my shoes to enter my art group space (to practice or meeting or just to say hi). I also wear collar chain from Kak Ozi from ^^
My cousin and I bring our The Fault In Our Stars books, well yes we have our own versions. We really love this book (hmm but I more), and she used it for her thesis too, amazing right? XD

About the place, we found this green wall in a housing near my grandma's house. I love this green wall, oya I didn't like green color, I used to hate it, dunno why this color makes me feel dizzy and so uncomfortable, but I try to like it (at least not to hate it) and it works, maybe I only need suggestion, I'm not going to feel dizzy now if I have to face green monster like Hulk, okay just kidding :p

Well then, see you again on other post creamers,


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9 sweet words:

  1. wahhhh love look and the background though...what?? just besides ur grandnanyyy's house?? hahha awesome should do the ootd more odten in here LOL :D

  2. Gorgeous! I love your bag so much!!❤❤❤


  3. oh my God! you look so gorgeous

  4. kalo kamu punya Dhini sebagai partner yang selalu mau dimintain tolong buat jejepretan, kalo aku punya Janette, hahahhahahahaaaa...

    suka stylenya yuu, tapi tetep donk ya Point of Viewnya selalu kesepatu aku lihatnya, ketjeh bener sih tu sepatu,hihiiii:))

    Keep in Touch from Borneo, Indonesia
    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  5. I love this style, boyish and girly at the same time.
    btw, nice to find your blog :)

  6. Hola, I'm a new blogger and I happened stumbled upon your blog and I totally love your posts! I guess it's true that you can be fashionable even if you're wearing hijab ;)

    Keep in touch with me if you like, I would love to ^v^
    Shopaholic Next Door

  7. I dont really know abou fashion and style. Maybe you can be fashion stylist someday? Hehehe

    Pake hijab bikin kamu tambah kece, ga sekalian bikiin gaya hija sendiri, yu?


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