Saturday, January 31, 2015

Land of Wonderful Things (Pelaihari, South Borneo)

"Maybe / You don't have to smile so sad / Laugh when you're feeling bad / I promise I won't /
Chase you / You don't have to dance so blue / You don't have to say I do / When baby you don't"
Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home - Keira Knightley

Hello Creamers! I'm back, officially back XD Yep, after a short holiday (almost 20 days) with my family, I went to Saudi Arabia again for umrah and Abu Dhabi, also spent three days in Jakarta and two days in my hometown Pangkalanbun, now I'm back to Banjarmasin for college. One of my resolutions, went umrah again has comes true! Hehe, I went only with my mom and dad this year, I feel so blessed. Soon will write my umrah voyage.
Talking about January, I have never ever been so in love with this month like this time. I'm so glad, happy and blessed because my 2015, starting with January, was full with love. I can visited Mecca Medina again, visited Abu Dhabi too, went to Jakarta again. More than that awesome moments, I've been loved, loved by so many people this January, so so soooo blessed. Love from God, my parents, family, friends, and him.

This time, I'll share my trip with my cousin Dini, my family Puput, and my junior in High School, Martin. Four of us went to Bukit Rimpi (Rimpi Mount) also known as Bukit Telettubis or Bukit Tampang, located in Desa Tampang (Tampang Village), Pelaihari, South Borneo. It took 2 hours to go to Desa Tampang from Banjarmasin and we walked to climb the hill for 30 minutes, phew. We arrived when the sun was exactly on our heads, burn burn burniiing.. >_< but it also so windy!

But our struggle paid more than what we deserved, we were able to see this amazing wonderful creature! The weeds was so white that makes it more beautiful, words and pictures here can't describe how beautiful this place and we thanked God for everything we saw. I called this place as wonderland! Land of wonderful things, so heavenly ^^
Sadly, they said couple weeks after our trip to this mount, lots of people went there and most of them do not care about rubbish, so many rubbish, no more white weeds, and even there are so many street vendors. It's okay to explore this place, it's everyone's, but those rubbish :( I really mad with the one who throw the trash, why don't they put it on their bag and put it on the right place later, is it that hard?
Well, let's hope no more people who throw rubbish everywhere in this place or anywhere.

So here some photos of me, taken by Puput and Dini. Martin? hahaha he's our bodyguard XD since he's the only man in this trip. Some of my friends asked me whether I climb this mount by boots :p no, I didn't, I climb the mount with my sport shoes, and changed on the top of the mount haha. I edited some photos but most of them all no edit.
Remember Mister Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland? well here's the Miss Rabbit version XD Dini made this hat herself.
Here's the girls!! So happy in the middle of burned by the sun haha. Taken by the lazy man, Martin.
 My super creative adorable cousin and partner in crime :p Dini
The cutest girl, my family, my junior in High School, Puput
 Our bodyguard, the only man, Martin (also my junior in High School)
 Random pictures
 Muka-muka serius ngecek hasil foto, candid by Dini
 Candid by Dini and Puput
Been reading Lullabies by Lang Leav and gosh! It's awesome poetry book, really love it.

The next week after my trip, I back again with some friends because they seen my photos in instagram.
So see you on the next post Creamers! ♥

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6 sweet words:

  1. Ahh... ulun belum sempat kesini lagi nah, semalam cuman ke bukit rimpi aja kak. Mana pas semalam kesana ngeri banar, banyak kanan alay naik bukit rimpi, jadi beda tipis antara orang naik bukit sama pasar tungging .__.

  2. AAAA Ka ulun belum sempat kesana huhuhu
    Handak banar kesana, tapi pasti sudah kada bersih kebiasaan dah mun sudah rami pasti banyak sampah :(

    Itu kaka yang trip ke 2 kalinya yang kaka cowo tuh dari teknik lo ka? iyalah mirip sih habisnya :D. Atau salah ya? :D

    Ka Adeayu umpat lo kopdar tgl 8 nih hehhe, handak tetamu ka Adeayu kadapernah tetamu lagi muehehhe

    Awesome banget kak foto-fotonya. Love it deh! <3

  3. Aww, cute hat, kemaren kagak ada liat ini topi deh

  4. OMG! Such an amazing place! :)
    I'm so in love with your style and your photos are so adorable!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! <3
    Love from Brazil,

  5. Hi Ayu thanks 4 constantly visiting my page yar..sorry lack of blogwalking now ;'( anyhow, nice photos n place love it. hahaha we got one hill looks like this but i climb up wearing a sport attire LOL hahahah so ugly to make a ootd photoshoot here HAHHAA hv fun btw! :D


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