Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review : Summer BnB Hotel and #88LoveLife Book

Dear readers, I'm so happy this month I can write more post and its mean I'm so productive XD I wish I could write more posts next month (oh and tomorrow already December!). This time, I'll share my visit to such a great unique restaurant in a new hotel in Banjarmasin.

The hotel and restaurant are so different than any other cafe and hotel in Banjarmasin. It's Summer Bed and Breakfast Hotel, located in Jl. Veteran #3, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

I went there two times (yes two times >_<) with my friends and cousin on November 23rd and 24th. We didn't order any foods, because the hotel is new, they didn't have a permanent chef and the menu is limited, so we only ordered ice tea, coffee, and french fries. But I'm sure they will have a permanent chef soon since the restaurant is unique and people's curious with the restaurant. Oh and the price is affordable (even with the tax and service).

Apart from the restaurant in the 7th floor, each floor has different mural art. My friends and I only went to 6th and 5th floors, the next day with my cousin we went to the rest floors. I really amazed by the staffs in this hotel, they were really polite, friendly, and gentle. All the staffs always greet us and allow us to explore every floors.

Did you realize the pink metallic book I bring in this picture? Yes it's best seller book #88LoveLife, oh how I really love this book! It's quotes book written by Kak Diana with illustration by Kak Dinda ^^ Yep, Kak Diana Rikasari from , one of my favorite blogger and inspiration!
About the book  ♥ #88LoveLife colorful book full with Kak Diana's daily thoughts about love and life and all the illustration made by Kak Dinda Puspitasari. The book is so photogenic and hardcover! It's easy to carry anywhere and yes I love to bring it everywhere. The price is only IDR 88K (sama dengan harga bukunya) though I bought it with IDR 101K in Gramedia T_T well, I'm satisfied and wish there will be more book like this. It's sold out everywhere, last time I visited Gramedia there only 2 pieces left. Congraaats Kak Diana and Kak Dinda, keep inspiring and share the love ♥♥

So here the photos taken by Samsung NX 3000, Kak Daniel's Fujifilm NX-2, and my iphone.


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12 sweet words:

  1. Wihhh tempatnya kok lucu bangetttt ;___; So dreamy and cozy-looking! Also, I can't wait to get my hands on that book. Semoga masih ada di toko buku haha ;D Amazing photographs as usual, kak!


    1. Iya tempatnya bagus banget, so cozy nava ^^
      Kata temen kaka di jogja udah sold out 1 mingguan yang lalu :( tapi coba cari aja dulu nava ;)

  2. dindingnya lucu-lucu banget <3

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  3. yang ditangga keren kak fotonya haha
    ngomong2 itu wall stiker kaya yg ada astronot, men to the left, telephone, kdd melihat ulun nah hha dimana itu kak andakannya?

    1. Wall sticker? Itu mural dit, di cat :D duh makanya baca tulisan kaka tu bener2 jangan cuma lihat gambarnya :p kaka ada kok bilang kalo itu mural di tiap lantai beda. Jelajahin tiap lantai dit :p

  4. baguuuuuuuuus semua fotonyaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, akuuu iriiiii,hhhhahahahaaaaa:)
    Happy December:)

    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

    1. Kok iriii kan kaka dari sana juga hihihi. Aaaa pasti foto2 kaka lebih baguuuuus. Ditunggu update-nya kak

  5. hey, am pika from malaysia and i just read ur blog about this hotel, i was planing to visit Banjarmasin soon,
    so still look up for other affordable hotel, but so far am interested into this art hotel. Tremendous (!) thanks for sharing some photo of the hotel. Keren ..

  6. interiornyaaa lucu-lucu bangeett, bagus buat poto2 ^^, itu di banjarmasin yah?? keren yaaah banjarmasin

  7. Pertama masuk hotel ini, memang sangat unik.. saya termasuk orang yang senang mengunjungi hotel-hotel unik.. tapi sayang, terlalu menjiplak Artotel..

  8. I endlessly am waiting on forthcoming to your posts again because I have impressed through your writing.
    book my hotel


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