Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unforgettable Jogja Story(2)

Hello Creamers. I'm back again with Jogja travel story. Last time I went to Jogja, I visited two beaches, the first one is Baron Beach in Gunung Kidul (Kidul Mountain), Wonosari. I went there with my travel mate, Mey, and our junior-senior in senior high school which study in Jogja, they're Salomo, Nando, Raje, & Yogetz on September 26th, 2014. At first, we wanted to visit Indriyanti Beach, unfortunately, Raje who was the driver lost on the way in Wonosari, it took 2 hours to Indrayanti Beach, because we lost, it took 4 hours (T_T) Then we decided to go to the nearest beach in Wonosari, it's Baron Beach, the unfortunately turned to be amazing moment, we got a chance to see the sunset ^^ Anyway, thank you so much guys, it's really awesome time in "Lost in Wonosari" day. ♥

Baron beach was so clean and empty! That afternoon, it was so quietly, only some fisherman and local resident, our friends said this was the first time they visited such an empty beach, it was always crowded, they said, so we really enjoy the beach as our own beach. For the first time, I ate crabs, yeah.. umm. my family don't like seafood, it's only my brother and I who eat sushi. And because all of us haven't eat yet since morning, we ate so much that evening, it wasn't late lunch or brunch, it was brunch as dinner. (T_T)

The next day was my best friend-sister-best girl graduation day! Yay, one of us finally graduated. Congrats my dearest ♥ we lav ya! There was touching moment, when Tiur's mom hugs me, she cried and said she was so speechless and really thanked us for coming to Jogja, special for her daughter's graduation, from Palangkaraya, Banjarmasin, and Semarang, the three of us come for Tiur.

That's all about this Lost in Wonosari story. Have a great day creamers! ♥

Adeayu Hadijah
Tiur's Graduation Day!
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  1. Ke jogja lagi ya kakak hahahy kece" euy fotonya mantep abis dah ^-^ kalah keren saya hahahay

  2. sayang banget kmrn gak jadi ketemuan :( kapan2 ke jogja lagi yaa :*

  3. Sayang jugaaa kemaren aku lagi menjelang pentas teater jadi pas kak Ayu ngajak ketemuan aku bener-bener gabisa dateng :(( Next time please kabar-kabarin kalo ke Jogja lagiii ><


  4. Fab photos. Looks like a lovely place and time

    Made in Mauve


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