Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Unforgettable Jogja Story (1)

I am really happy that I finally finished  this set of photos. It is quite of a burden not having the energy and time to update this blog especially when I really want to update every week.

This time, I'll share my 6 days at Jogja! Yep finally I visited Jogja (dulu waktu masih kelas 1 SMA pernah mau ke jogja bareng sepupu tapi di cancel :")).

Aaaaaaaaaaand it's so amaziiing because I went to Jogja with my bestfriends! Not with my family. I used to fly alone to Banjarmasin, Surabaya, or my hometown but my family used to pick me up. This is my first trip to Jogja, and my first trip with my bestfriends. So it's really unforgettable!
I went on September 24th and back to Banjarmasin on September 29th.
Because so many places (and photos) to share so I decided to divide it into 2 or 3 parts.
This is the first part of my Jogja story.

That day, my bestfriend from Palangka Raya, Mey went to Banjarmasin by travel and arrived at 3 PM. Then we went to the airport shortly. We still can believe that finally we could travel together! We went to Jogja to fulfill our (Mey, Rumi, Tiur, and me) dreams. We are bestfriends since high school, classmates since the first grade, we went to the same courses and extracurricular, we slept at my home, we played and hang out together for three years and its our 6 years of friendship. We have so many dreams, on of our dream is to attend each other graduation. The first one to graduated is Tiur, she's analyst now. Hehe
 I can see the sunset of Jogjakarta city. It's unspeakably!
 At 6.30 PM, we landed in Adisucipto International Airport, my boyfriend picked us up, he waited for us while we waited for our luggage. Finally after 1,5 month, I met him again. We went to Feli's boarding house first to put our luggage. Then went again for ate dinner. Indra drove us around Jogja firstly because we don't know where to eat. But then Indra suggested to eat at Waroeng Steak and Shake, one of his favorite place to eat.
After that, we went back to Feli's boarding house, Tiur came too, and we have pajamas party that night!! Feli went to Taiwan for student exchange for 6 months, and she bought so many face masks there, she said they're cheaper there. So all of us tried the face mask hehe.
The next day, my cousin picked me up and took me to pine forest, Hutan Pinus, Mangunan, Yogyakarta. It was 1 PM but it's so fresh there!

Then we went to Puncak Kebun Buah Mangunan near the pine forest. It was so hot there but I was so amazed by the scenery! Speechless for having an opportunity to see this God's creations.
 A selca
 Thanks to my cousin, Hendra, he's such an awesome beginner photographer haha. I like all the photos!
 At 3 PM, we went back to the city, and surprised by Mey and Tiur! They bought me an ice cream hehe. No need something expensive to make me happy, just a small care like this one already make me fly to the sky, hehe.
Shortly, my boyfriend picked me up and we went to Cha-Cha Taiwan Milk Tea, a tea room, and we ordered bubble tea :9 it was so yummy and I miss this tea :(. After he took a bath, we went to some malls like Plaza Ambarrukmo, Galeria Mall, and shop like Friday To Sunday. I searched a nice wedges to wear it on Tiur's graduation.
Then, we ended our day by having snacks in Cokelat Cafe, we were so tired, because I just went back from mountain and he accompanied me for hours just to find a wedges >_<
So this was our first selca in Jogja.

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  1. great inspiring blog :)


  2. never ending jogja.

  3. Woww i never thought of going to Jogja yet as i dunno what are the attractions there. and wahhhhh the pine forest is amazing!!! seriously, share more bout ur trip perhaps it can draws me lol hehe tq 4 always visiting my page n yup hahaha im tagging u if you wanna do it go ahead. no force n let me know if u did yar tq dear :)

  4. Nice photos!


  5. Beautiful place! I always want to go there but haven't got any chance! T--T


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