Saturday, October 18, 2014

Surabaya Short Trip

Surabaya, March 3rd 2014! Yes, before I flew to Brunei and Saudi Arabia, my family and I stayed in Surabaya for a day. A day is not enough for us, especially for me and my brother. Well, my parents go to Surabaya almost every 2 months, but the last time I visited Surabaya was two years ago, on 2012, for my cousin's wedding party.
We flew to Surabaya at 6 AM, and you know how jammed the city, it took an hour to get to a mall and another mall, phiew..
That night, my brother and I went to Grand City Mall (in the morning and during the day, my family and I already went to JMP, Tunjungan Plaza, etc). I really wanted to visit Calais, unfortunately, Calais has already changed to  Tjap Tepi Laut Calais Tea, a bit different >_<
   It was so quiet, some costumers sit out of the cafe because they smoked. Here's the Cafe!
Tjap Tepi Laut Calais Tea, Grand City Mall, Surabaya.
sea things~~
a vintage one!
my bubble tea
cute mugs!!
my brother and I
I personally love the cafe!
I searched a black boots and found it in Camaieu.
Location : Tjap Tepi Laut, Coffe and Homemade Kitchen, Grand City Mall, Surabaya, LG 15.
Their products also available at Homemate, Petitenget no.1, Bali.
me, candid by my brother
A big love!
After my Umrah and Brunei Trip, my family and I went back to Surabaya on March 17th, midnight. Then, my family and I decided to shop at Tunjungan Plaza, our favorite mall in Surabaya.
We ate lunch at TP's food court, my brother and I ordered NoriMaki sushi :9
havin' my first ice bread there! Its sooo yummy!
While waiting for my mom and brother, dad and me decided to have a drink in Starbuck, I also try some mochi which I bought in Mochiko Creamy Fruit Mochi at the food court.

That night, finally!!! I met my bestfriend, Avie!
Kita berdua kenalan di bimbel persiapan SNMPTN 2011 lalu, Sony Sugema College alias SSC Malang, waktu itu kita satu kelas, selain sama Avie, aku juga dekat banget sama Arin, tapi sekarang udah lost contact, sama Avie aja yang masih deket banget. Three years passed and she is more beautiful, really love her chic and cool style! hehe.
We met in Surabaya Town Square (I GET MY FIRST DOCMART HERE, OMG, OMG, sorry for the caps lock :p) then decided to eat dinner at Pancious Pancake House in TP (yes we went to TP again).
Walaupun cuma ketemu beberapa jam, tapi selama diperjalanan nganter avie balik, kita ngobrolin banyak banget, daaan dari dulu ngerencanain liburan bareng sampe sekarang gak terwujud juga karena jadwal kuliah bentrok terus hehe.
March 18th, 2014, we flew back to my hometown, Pangkalanbun. I bought gogirl's March issue, waktu di Madinah, Kak Karina ngasih tau kalo 2 fotoku masuk majalah gogirl!! dan dua foto itu, satunya difotoin my little brother XD sampe dikirimin foto sama Kak Karina karena aku lagi umrah waktu itu hehe.
And another sweet things!! Kak Ozi from stylewithstory sent me these sketch!! Aaaa too cute to be me hehehe. Thanks a million kak ozi!

date : March 17th, 2014
location : Grand City Mall, Surabaya
photographer : Ferry (my big brother)
wardrobe : Scarf - Unbranded, Flower Shirt - Itz Yours, Bag - Classroom, Boots - Beevyshoes, Dress - Iduna Boutique
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6 sweet words:

  1. ozi jago bener bikin sketch yaa ><

  2. sudah pernah ke Ciputra World? Aku suka banget di situuuu food courtnya keren banget kayak di jalanan eropa. bisa foto-foto kece di sana :D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd
    instagram > @rizunaswon

  3. woow! keren banget kak cafe nya, nuansa vintage terus ada sentuhan gaya di laut jangkar sama setiran kapal, asli kalau kata urang banjar, BUNGAS BANAR!!! hehe sayang di banjar kadada yang kaya itu ihh :|

    mochi-nya lucu banar pang haha gak tega dimakannn :3

    mau dong kak vouchernya, keren banget pokaku!

  4. haiiiiiii tjakepppppp,fotonya baguss bagusss bangetttt sihhh:))

    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  5. wah tempatnya kecee abis kerenn mantap

  6. Sudahkah Kafe-mu menggunakan Greenpack sebagai pilihan dus makanan kamu? Kalau belum, coba deh baca keunggulan-keunggulan Greenpack di sini


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