Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Retro Soul (Retro Style Tips)

 Holla creamers!
Who love Retro Style? Count me in! I do love retro because it's outdated and out of style.
But first, let me explain the difference between vintage and retro:
Vintage : the term vintage should not be applied to any object under 50 years old. True vintage could be categorized at least 50 years old.
Retro: retro simply refers to anything that looks out of style for the current time period. This could be clothing that was popular in the late 1990's (not technically vintage,  yet) or any new design that references designs or ideas of the past. The 1970's are often referred to as "retro". 
Source : Pollybland.com
Unlike vintage items, which were created decades ago, Retro Style fashions are often new editions in throw-back patterns, textures, and shapes.
 Here some tips to wear retro:
♥ 1. How to start :
Find your parents or grandparents old outfits, you may find old pictures of them too.
I wore my grandma's brown vest and it turned out really match my skirt.
♥ 2. Role Model :
Audrey Hepburn and Taylor Swift are my favorite! Ah also T-ara style for Roly Poly song.
♥ 3.Go create your own personal style :
Mix and match your outfit, but don't mix them up too much. Balance it off with some neutral colors. Visit thrift stores and flea market. You might find so many retro and vintage items.
♥ 4. Try layering and wear a fitted waist and flowing, knee-length skirt with leggings and flats.
♥ 5. Wear pattern outfit like flower, polka dots, and lines. I wear Zara polka dots midi skirt this time.
♥ 6. Last but not the least, be confident of what you wear and put a smile! :)
 I went to an oriental circus last Saturday with my cousin, housemate, and some friends. We really enjoyed the circus show.
 A gif! Taken by my cousin.
Date : September, 13th, 2014
Photographer : Dini (My cousin)
Photo Taken by Iphone5 only
Wardrobe : Gaudi White Shirt, Grandma's Brown Vest, Noen by Nunrizky Wide Viscose Shawl, Zara Basic Polka Dots Midi Skirt, Flameon Footmate Shoes, Neatly Bag.

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7 sweet words:

  1. Thanksss kak tipsnyaaaaa :D

    Cantik bangett kak Adeayuu :D

    Banyak belajar dari stylenya ka adeayu, tapii masih blm bisa menerapkan huhuhuhu

    sometime dehh nanti dipraktikan hihihi

  2. cantiknyaaaa :) Setuju deh sama kamu. dengan senyum, kita akan lebih merasa confident
    btw, followback ya di GFC

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd
    instagram > @rizunaswon

  3. wuaaa... saya juga suka retro..
    tapi kalau saya sih lebih suka lagi kalo roknya dipanjangi. rok segitu mah nanggung buat saya..

  4. Lucuuu sekaleeee >< I thought retro and vintage were just the same before I read this post. Not a big fan of either one, though. My mom dislikes putting old clothes to me because I don't go along with the style haha ;D But I totally want some polkadot dress right now...


  5. me love the style ade <3 you know how I love polkadots ;)

  6. so lovely <3
    keliatan vintage2 gitu ><



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