Monday, August 18, 2014

Turning 21

This post is dedicated to all those wished me directly, through the phone, short message, mail, social media, and many more.

It's official! I was turning 21 yesterday, on August 17th (Oh yes I am a proud Leo!).
I feel so blessed, so happy, so overwhelmed and so grateful. I'd want to say that I am so touched by all the birthday wishes (also gifts and surprised) which I have received from everyone directly or from social media. To thank all the people who I have met, many of you have made a huge difference in my life.

I remember as a kid when grown ups said that one day all of us would realize how its the simple things that really matter, what really make you happy, and they were so right, grateful makes you happy its something that works though, and it works every time.
Gratitude changes us, it makes us happier and it in fact allows us to be happier. But gratitude changes more than those, it changes everything. It makes us better, it makes us kinder, it makes us happier, it makes us whole. And I feel so. Everything has changed for me this year.
I could did Umrah with my family, I could visited Brunei Darussalam, I could go and return to my hometown almost every 2 months (and I miss home even now), I could saw sunrise from a mountain (with a little hardship to come there), I could held a theater performance with my art group (I was the production leader), my big brother has married, I have a sister in law, I could stand on a theater stage AGAIN as an theater actress (after two years), then I met the right one, everything has been magical, but I caught myself smiling, crying, laughing, but the simplicity and perfection of the moment meant everything, I felt overjoyed now. The grown ups were right. I don’t need everything went perfectly, happiness is the small moments that we share with people who mean a lot to us, memories that will be with us for a life time…

Again, things are a little different now.
The difference in my life now is even though I may have a bad day, week, or month I will always pick myself up and keep moving forward. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me, I hope you know that I am always here for you too.
He doesn't give me anything, no cake, and even he was not beside me on my birthday, but I know he loves me, he did everything he could did, he came home when I asked him so suddenly, he meets mom and dad, he surprised me by his appears, he takes care of me, he supports me, he keeps me balanced, comforts me when I'm feeling unwell, and makes sure that I am always fine with him....along with many other things. Its all the things he does that show me that he loves me and I wouldn't trade that for anything
This is my second birthday with him, back when I turned 15, he was there too, and even now. Everything has been drastically changed by you, you make me tenacious, unwavering, stable.
I see your face in my head, I hear your voice in my ear, I think about you in my mind.
Most of all, thank you for coming, staying, and giving me everything, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Nothing I love more than being loved by you.

Ps : I am going to change my header (and maybe a little change to the design too), well, I have passed the age of twenty, and this blog grows with me, my little cream button need a little change.

3 sweet words:

  1. ultahnya pas hari kemerdekaan, happy birthday to you ya! getting old getting better ^^

  2. Happy birthday! Stay loved, stay blessed, still counting the happiness you gonna have! Love :*

  3. ye yeeee la la laaaaa...Ayu tambah tuaaaaa,hahahahaa...pissssss ^^v
    makin dewasa makin berkah ya yuu,amiiin amiiiin:)

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