Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fashion Bloggers Meet Up!

Hello Creamers! ^^
Another fashion bloggers meet up! Yay! Two years ago, we held our first meet up on March 2012 (here), and held our second meet up last year. But the meet up always incomplete. As we knew, Banjarmasin Fashion Bloggers are Kak Ozi from style with story, Echa from meisza adilla herssy, Punol from the kitty head, and me from my little cream button. Our first meet up held without Punol, our second meet up held without Echa, and the third meet up completed!

We held iftar in a new Chicken Restaurant, Bonchon Chicken which opened on last July 17th.
Bonchon Chicken opened not only in Banjarmasin, but already opens in Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, and Surabaya.
"Bonchon Chicken is chicken restaurant originated in the heart of South Korea. Our locations have hatched everywhere from the United States to Thailand to Philippines. 

And now we are bringing "The Best Chicken in America" to the lovely country of Indonesia.

Breaking the previous image of fried chicken, BonChon provides healthy, crispy, juicy, yet non greasy fried chicken in delicious regular and spicy flavors."

- from Bonchon Chicken Facebook-
0gr Trans Fat and who not love healthy food?
from Bonchon Chicken Facebook
from Bonchon Chicken Twitter
Kak Anet and me ordered Original Bibimbap. I ordered three bonstixs too. They're so delicious, at first, the bibimbap tasted weird, then the tasted change and it so yummy. I ordered nori, ball, and potato bonstixs, really love the nori one!
Bonchon Chicken Instagram featured my photo ^^
what we ate :9
We talked about everything, not only about our blog, but also our activities during fast month. There are also Kak Janet, Kak Anet, Emi and her son who join our meet up. I'm so happy and excited because finally we met completly.
love these bonstixs

Echa with my gift from Mecca
with Echa's gift

Place : Bonchon Chicken Banjarmasin
Date : July, 21st, 2014
Wardrobe : Gaudi Baby Pink Pants, Aurel Invasion Lab Bird Sweater, Jeans Dress as Skirt, Milky Tedddy bag, Unbranded Scarf, Dr. Martens Flower Boots.

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8 sweet words:

  1. Whoaaa so jealous you guys can meet up each other :"(
    Looks so fun!


  2. Nice photos! I never was in a blogger meet up, but I'd like to :)


  3. looks fun !!
    and always love bonchon food !!
    read your post makes want it to eat there like right now

  4. I always want to be in a blogger meet up. :)
    you look so Happy :D


  5. wah kerenn meet up nya sukses terus yah....


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