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The Voyage of My Umrah (3)

The Voyage of My Umroh Chapter #3

Assalamualaikum! Ramadan Kareem Creamers ^^
How is your fasting going? Me? I'm already loss six days because pe-ri-od >_<
I'm so sorry for not updating my umrah story. This is the third chapter, the first chapter is here and second chapter is here.

So here the story in Mecca ^^
(Bismillah, I hope I still remember everything)

After stayed for five days in Medina, on March 8th 2014, we went to Mecca by bus, we went on afternoon and arrived in our hotel, Fairmont hotel on midnight. We started our Umrah in Bir Ali Miqat.
taken by my big bro
Sepanjang perjalanan Ustadz Zaky dan Ustadz Amin mengajak kami semua mengucapkan Labbaikallahumma labbaik labbaika laa syarika laka labbaik. Innal hamda wan ni’mata laka wal mulk laa syarika laka. Sesampainya di Kota Mekah saat itu sekitar jam 12 malam, dari dalam bus, kami bisa menyaksikan cantiknya kota Mekah yang cukup berbeda dengan Kota Madinah.
another photos by my brother
Then we arrived in Abraj Al-BaitTowers (also known as the Makkah Clock Royal Tower), which is part of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project.
The complex holds several world records like the tallest clock tower in the world and the world’s largest clock face, also the complex’s hotel tower became the third tallest building in the world. There are seven towers in here, they are Hotel Tower, Hajar, ZamZam, Maqam, Qibla, Marwah, and Safa. We stayed in Hotel Tower (the highest tower), in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts which is the closest hotel to Kaaba.
After take a bath, pray, and dinner, we go to Kabah. My first time saw Kabah and I was so speechless… and it was still unbelievable for me, to saw it with my whole family. I hardy holding back my tears, for a strange and unexplainable reason, I felt so relief.
We started to perform Tawaf round the Kabah and Sa’i between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, and Halq /Taqsir(cutting of the hair). After that, we did Subuh (Fajr) pray.
the shopping center in Abraj Al-Bait Towers
Alhamdulillah, gak ada kesulitan sama sekali waktu melaksanakan tawaf maupun sa’i. Meskipun sebenarnya cukup lelah karena baru sampai tengah malam. Aku malah kagum sama ibu-ibu yang udah cukup tua tapi tetap kuat dan gak mengeluh sedikitpun. Gak bisa ngebayangin gimana pada zaman Rasulullah dulu, waktu mengambil miqat, tawaf, dan sa’i dengan keadaan yang gak semodern sekarang, pastinya lebih banyak rintangannya.

I arrange the photos based on the date ♥♥
In front of Atyaf Restaurant, Fairmont Hotel with mom
Nice yellow roses in the lobby, they changed the flowers almost everyday!
With the tallest clock tower in the world
Bought so many iphone cases because they're so cheap! Only 25-100k
this cath kidston flower edition! Only 25k
Our room are on the 15th floor
Breakfast after Fajr Pray
Indomie di Saudi Arabia! Ini mie emang mendunia XD
Bought Natural Berries Juice and its so delicious! ♥
At Al-Masjid Al-Haram
The fourth day (March 13th, 2014)
Taken by my brother with iphone 5 and no filter
 Taken by me with panorama
That day's flowers
yes! It's pink tulips ♥

 This is my favorite yogurt in Atyaf Restaurant, Fairmont Hotel. The flavor is so strawberry and totally addicted! ♥♥
After the breakfast, we begin our tour to Camel Farm in Hudaibiyah, in the street to Jeddah.
 My lil brother, Ghozy was so brave, he touch the camel >_<
Edited by my big brother >_<
 We stopped by the mini market and brought some snacks and ofcourse ice creams!
 The next place is Museum of The Two Holy Mosques in Ibrahim Al Khalil Road.
candid by my brother
In the museum.
My lil brother expression remind me of Jang Junsoe from The Return Of Superman Reality Show

Went shopping with mom, but all I did is only window shopping >_<
having another cup of ice cream in the shopping center
The fifth day
in front of the food court
 Last day in Mecca, after did Tawaf Wada and had breakfast, we went back to Jeddah.
 The last Fajr Pray

Two weeks quickly flew by and I was on my way to Jeddah to fly back to Brunei Darussalam!
Yeap! On the next post of my voyage, I will tell about my one day trip to Brunei Darussalam! ♥♥
 Have a blessed Ramadan everyone!

-all the photos of my voyage taken by me with iphone 5 and iphone 5s. And these photos of me taken by my brother with my phone or his phone. More photos of my voyage are on my instagram @adeayudeay, @adeayuhadijah , and my brother instagram @mufefi ♥♥-

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  1. aduh kak, itu es krimnya meolah beliuran haha
    untung malam baca ini.
    ehh itu indomie nya bahasa arab lah kirai bahasa indonesia -___-

    1. Hahaha, iya dit eskrim sama yogurt disana enak2 daaaan beberapa lebih murah dari di indonesia. Disana eskrim 1 real (rp 2900an) udah dapat banyak banget. Yogurtnya satu real juga dapatnya banyak banget ^^
      Hahaha kalo bahasa indonesia pasti banyak yang gak ngerti, indomienya bahasa arab tapi ada tulisan dari indonesianya

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  3. Amazing so inspirational for fellow Muslim bloggers! Alhamdulilah. Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog! I am now following you to keep in touch with your recent updates!

  4. so jealous. i hope someday i will go to Makkah too.. In shaa Allah :)
    mind to foll back at GFC? Thanks!

  5. Subhanallah disana keren banget ya kak, dari pemandangannya sampai bangunannya.
    Pengen banget suatu saat umroh bareng keluarga juga kayak ka Adeayu, semoga kesampaian. Amin :))

    Wahhh ada Indomie juga tapi pakai bahasa arab. Ice cream disana murah banget ya kak, coba deh bawa pulang ke Indonesia. Eh nggak bisa, yang ada melelh dijalan wkwkkwkwk

    Ka Adeayu Subhanallah, cantik banget juga :D

  6. wow looks great!
    congratulations for the umrah

    style frontier

  7. Subhanallahhh :')

    Jadi ingin kesana juga
    Seems fun!

    Mohon maaf lahir batin ayuuuu
    stay stunning, keep awesome!


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