Saturday, June 21, 2014

Like Real Grass, Like Real Grass featuring "Butterbee_ID" Collection

 Holla creamers! How are you? I'm good.
I did a photoshoot several days ago and it turns really awesome!
It's been a month since my last update, I'm so sorry for my laziness and well, I was very busy this past month, what's going on? My brother's wedding party, my art group theater performance (and finally I got a character, stand in a theater as actress again XD), I was so busy with many practice, then my college stuff-so many tasks, I'm on my final exam, there are two more subject on next Monday. And after my final exam, I'll intern (oh yes I'm so excited!).

Okay, let's talk about this photoshoot. Last monday, my friend asked me to styling him and did a photoshoot with his friends, the next day, I went to his house (we're neighbor). Styling him. And met his friends. And did the photoshoot.
Maybe because we've been a good friends since 2012, I enjoyed the photoshoot, and his friends are so funny, I had a really good time at this photoshoot. The results are awesome, I love all the photos.
I made a video on the site, then they asked me to make them too. ^^
"I want to swallow the rain and lay roots
Like real grass
Like real grass"
- Artificial Grass by AKMU -
 This is my favorite!
 Why I brought an Aqua? Actually we took some photos of aqua (and with aqua) for Aqua Challenge hehe.
 Aaaaand Tada~~~~
Here's my newest (and favorite) pinafore dress! Also know as suspender skirt.
It's "Butterbee_ID" Collection by Lisa Rezqina Azmi, my beautiful-kawai-multitalented friend ^^ She made it herself.
Yap, rok cokelatku kali ini aku desain sendiri, terus si Kina yang ngerjain, jahitannya rapi and it's better then the design! XD ukurannya pas banget. Love love banget, hehe.
Si Kina nerima pesanan short skirt, baik dengan desain sendiri ataupun desain dari dia.
Bisa juga tanya-tanya atau sharing sama Kina dulu. Her contact :
Facebook : Lisa Rezqina Azmi
Instagram : @happyshortgirl
Phone : +628565173839
Here's the detail
 Bag and shoes?
The bag is from Hasta La Vista, my favorite and so friendly blogger friend! Kak Rini ^^ I'm wearing her seruti ♥♥♥
The shoes also my favorite, it's In Her Shoes collection. ♥
 My submission for Aqua OOTD Challenge
 Surprised! My photo got it 100 likes before 24 hours ^^
The videos!

While taking photo for Aqua Challenge, we decided to snap this one with my currently favorite book by John Green, been searching for this book for years (just kidding), and finally got it in my campus bazaar last Monday T_T I'm on my way to finish this book, the movie release in Indonesia today's midnight, I'm going to watch it after my final exam is over and finish the book.
 "As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once."
Some postcards (and gift) arrived this two months! They're from Russia, Malaysia, and Philippines! I got a bunch of pins from a Philippines Hijab Woman ^^ She made all herself.
I love the sun... That afternoon sunshine, brightly, and warm.

Place : Unlam Tennis Court
Date : June, 17th, 2014
Photographer : Iza Obob
Photo Taken by Canon 550D (85mm) and Iphone 5
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  1. Keren banget photoshoot nya ka Ade ayu, love it <3

  2. so wonderful photos!
    please visit me in free time:)

  3. your bag <3

  4. love the dress!

  5. This is actually VERY gorgeous!!! I love how the light hits and you dressed the black with the denim super fun. :D Kudos!

    Hope you can come visit my blog too and let me know what you think. I just restyled it. ^_^. I look forward to your visit.


  6. Beautiful! wishing you a great weekend…
    Kisses from Miami,

  7. Love it!! another fun and inspiring post from you dear!! so much fun reading it ♥

    New post on the blog dear!

  8. Hi! I've just found your blog and I did enjoy every article you made.
    I am a newbie blogger and a hijab girl too. I hope that you don't mind checking my blog too!

    Thanks a lot :)


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