Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Moshi Moshi! Oishii desu ne

Moshi Moshi Creamers ^^
A quick post today ~ Yes, "quick" since I just went to a new place and decided to post it right now.
This afternoon, my cousin, Dini, and I went to a local market, searched something and then I suggested to have a drink in a new cafe, Moshi Moshi Bubble Drink, which makes me curious because it's adv is everywhere. Then, a senior photographer I know, Kak Annuri posted a photo of his son there, and it's makes me more and more excited.
And tadaa~ It's really a fun place, comfortable, unique, and the owner is really friendly, it's our first time, so she explains every menu kindly. Then I suggested to have a bowl of  Macha Sorbet or Ice Shaved and french fries, my cousin have a glass of Cookies and Cream Bubble Drink. We got two stamp on a stamp card, every beverage will get a stamp for, when it reaches 9 stamps, I could exchange it with a free beverage.
While waiting for our drinks, we took some photos on Moshi Moshi's Photo Booth :D It's so unique because they put some aprons on the wood wall! oh! And we played some games too, there are some games set there.
Moshi Moshi's desserts consist of a sorbet with toppings of  ice cream, grass jelly, red beans, fruits, "pearls" or other ingredients. I enjoyed  my "Macha"  very much! I mixed all the ingredients like grass jelly, red beans, black pearls and macha sorbet together. Not only bubble drink, there are variations of other beverages such as ice shaved, fruit tea, milk tea, frappe. The snacks? There are so many cakes and fries here.
I can't wait for my second visit to try other beverages ^^

*Moshi Moshi means Hello, and Oishii desu ne means It tastes good, ya know?*

What I really love about my cousin, she always took a candid shoot, and I'm so into her shoot.
candid while taking a selca~
the result
My weirdness~
The interiors
my cousin, Dini
And this is my currently!
loving : my new sandals
watching : Appa Oddiga, Superman is Back, and Roommate! Have you watched roommate? XD when I know Park Bom from 2NE1 joined this reality show I can't wait to watch it. And now it has 2 episodes, I'm watching the first episode and God! I really like other stars. ♥
listening to : Akdong Musician's Play Album. OMG they're so young and talented! A-Pink's Pink Blossom Album, and High 4 feat. IU - Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms single.
obsessing : to go back to my hometown >_<
reading : my campus' tasks
eating : so much Tango. gzz, I bet I'm gaining weight again

This is Nafis, my senior photographer's son, taken on Moshi Moshi too, he's so cuteee~~

taken with my cousin's phone

Place : Moshi Moshi Bubble Drink, Taher Square, Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan
Price Range : 20-28k
Date : April 14th, 2014
Photo Taken by Iphone 5 and Samsung Grand 2

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  1. yeeeee...aku udah kesini juga,yuhuuu...tunggu deh ntar juga aku mau ngepost tentang Moshi-Moshi ini, heheeeeee...

  2. aahahaha ulun sudha kesana semalam, wadahnya cukup cute kak, cuman minumannya agak aneh asam2 -..-

  3. wah tempatnya lucu kayaknya
    es nya menggiurkan
    asik nih kayaknya buat hang out

    oya keberatan nggak kalau saling follow ?
    aku udah follow kamu


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