Monday, April 14, 2014

The Black Deer

 It's April! ^^ I always love April since it's my mom and cream button's month. Yeap, today is my mom's birthday and tomorrow is my little cream button's second anniversary. Today's post is about my latest culinary place ;)
Last week, I went to Killiney Since 1919 with my friends. It's been a while since we last gathered.
Killiney Kopitiam originates from Singapore's Killiney Road and the first shop was founded since 1919. It was from Singapore but now they open in Malaysia,Indonesia, Australia and Hongkong.
In Indonesia you can found this "warung kopi" in Bali, Balikpapan, Bandung, Jakarta, Medan, Pontianak, Batam, Makasar, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Banjarmasin.
In Banjarmasin, its located in Jl. S. Parman, "Bumbu Desa" on the 3rd floor.
It was so catchy! Killiney Since 1919 was a comfortable place with vintage retro style, like wooden chair, flowers, white-brown concept. I already ate breakfast with my classmate before I went to Killiney, so I only ordered Cincau Soya (oh yea I really love soya milk). It came in a tall glass and tasted really good, not so sweet. Next time I visited this place, I would like to order the wheat kaya butter :D
Today Erika took her National Exam (UN), I hope she's doing good for her examination.
 I almost forget to tell that, there's a discount for Telkomsel user, you can replace your 20 Telkomsel Points with 15% discounts, all day! The waiter will ask you if you're Telkomsel user, and I am ^^
 A black dress from Predani's Vintage by Diaswari Predani ^^ I'm not so into black actually, but thiiiiis dress catch my eyes from the first time I saw it!! I really love the material and the simple design. ♥♥♥
People says it "selfie", but I choose "selca" since it's more popular in South Korea :p

date : April 10th 2014
location : Killiney since 1919
photographer : Erika & Iza Obob
wardrobe : Black Dress - Predani's Vintage, Shoes - Flameon Footmate, Scarf - unbranded from Medina, Satchel Bag - Classroom

A lot of things happen this month... and everything was so... complicated. It's like riding a roller coaster when you don't even know how it ends. I loose 5 kg cause my sickness, well, actually I'm still having nosebleed.. I'm so busy with my collage and art group.
I let go someone who's so precious to me, he is.. he was.. and still so precious to me, for several months, he was always be there for me, even if we were separated for a thousand miles. But, everything happens for a reason, and I do. For all the decisions I take, I am ready to bear it all. He rarely read my blog, but if he is, I just want he to know, I'm sorry for everything and thank for everything you did to me :( Huufth, its been a long time since I write what's on my mind, my though, my feel. :') 
Have a nice April creamers! 
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3 sweet words:

  1. Cool shots ayuuu ^^. Loving the outfit too.. and btw minggu lalu aku ke kopitiam teh tareknya enyaaak bgt ya, etapi sedih gadapet diskon, gatau ada tuker poin telkomsel. Harus kesana lagi nih brarti. Hahaha

  2. wiii jadi pengen ke situ, kyknya punya byk telkomsel poin nih. btw ayu it's not easy to move on and just forget the person or the memories just like that, but people who belong in your life will stay no matter what. If someone leaves you, it only means he doesn't belong in your life, and Allah will replace him with someone better :)

  3. supercuuute!! that's why i love Kopitiams instead of cafes: more homey atmosphere. I felt that too once, and i choose to let him go and moved on (mine was worse than yours: i was sisterzoned!--curhat #abaikan). Love the template!


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