Sunday, April 27, 2014

Summertime Sadness

"I've made mistakes in my life.
I've let people take
advantage of me, and I
accepted way less than
I deserve.
But I've learned from my bad
choices and even though
there are some things I can
never get back and people
who will never be sorry.
I'll know better next time
and I won't settle for
anything less than I deserve."

 People come and go. Sad. But that's life.
I've long been annoyed by the saying "everything happens for a reason"
as for me, I'll try to look for the reason. And if I felt it was enough, I will accept it.

"Aku tak selalu mengerti semesta, dengan segala permainannya. Aku lebih tak mengerti kamu.. Hingga akhirnya aku semakin tak mengerti tentang...
Kamu hadir tiba-tiba"

Hello creamers! Hello again.. A quick post. I should be on my bed, or studying for my midtest, but now, I'm with my laptop, writing for mylittlecreambutton while listening to all of Lana Del Rey's songs, with a glass of hot chamomile tea, when I'm looking for my peppermint tea, and it's out of stock, I just realized, I gave you all of my peppermint teas..

It's a bit relieve.. My best friend-best girl- best sister was with me, she makes me comfortable with her words, we just have a phone talk yesterday, cause we face the same problem, okay, it's not problem anymore, it's solved. And my a thousand miles person, he was with me too. He calmed me down too. I'm not crying anymore, I'm just crying for a moment, it's so quickly, I used to cry for hours, but not this time. Maybe, because you're leaving so quickly, in a blink of eyes.

And this is my currently, been so long since my last currently!
loving : n to the o to the b to the o to the d to the y! ;p
watching : Appa Oddiga & Superman is Back
listening to : Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness and Petra Sihombing's (forgive me if I write his name wrongly) Mine, well, I'm rarely listening to Indonesia's music, but my junior in art group played this song and I just love it!
Let's talk about Lana Del Rey :D I really adore her music and voice. Her smoky voice is just so awesome. Have you listen to "once upon a dream" by her? She's covering the song "Once Upon a Dream" (from the 1959 film Sleeping Beauty) for the 2014 dark fantasy film Maleficent! My cousin and I can't wait for this movie ^^ And her new single, "West Coast", have you listen to it? I can't wait for the music video :D
obsessing : to my art group theater performance! And its H-1!! My God!!
reading : your chat? huh
eating : your words, haha

Dan kamu, ku harap kau ingat setiap rasa seduhan teh untukmu.. Sang peppermint dengan mintnya.. Sang chamomile dengan kehangatannya.. Dan sang English Breakfast Tea yang belum sempat kuseduhkan untukmu.

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