Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Voyage of My Umrah (2)

My second post! This time, I'll share my second day until the last day in Medina. I stayed for five days in Medina. And it's not enough. I could spent more days there, what a beautiful city.
On the second day we went to Kuba Mosque, Dates Farm, and Jabal Uhud.
 Tadaaa~ some of my friends think I went by myself, when actually I went with my family.
 my so annoyed brotha. :p
 my brothers and I
 Upzz, candid!
 With my one and only daaaddy!
  In Date Farm, can you spot my brother and me?
 Picking some chocolates
then we went to Jabal Uhud
 Back to Medina, and this is me with my prayer dress ^^
 Medina from my eyes :D
The next day, whoops!
 Yummy!! I always ate an ice cream a day there XD
Aaaa, I really love the day on these photos, the sunshine was so beautiful!
 with my brother
 Bought a biggest strawberry I have ever eat and touch. hahaha
 In Bin Dawood
 another yummiest ice cream :D
 Nada Yogurt :9
 Back to Nabawi Mosque which really amazed me!
 Near our hotel
 Bangles everywhere~~
 and sayin' goodbye to Medina..
 The next post is in Mecca ^^ See ya!
Nb: "The saddest thing, when I came back to Indonesia. I'm having bouts of sickness, headaches, coughs, colds, and nosebleed ... I'm still getting as much bed rest as possible and stopped all my outdoor activity. I have no idea what is going on. I went to doctors for the third time couple days ago. But the blood keep coming from my nose and sometime from my mouth. People say it because the climate change. :("
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4 sweet words:

  1. Sweet post ayu ^^. Cant wait for the posts from mecca :)

  2. Banyak pemandangan yang menarik dan indah, ya :)

  3. subbhannawlahh... handak banar ulun kesana :')

  4. These pictures are so lovely and your prayer dress, it's beautiful! Your family is very charming! Hope you're having lots of fun!


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