Thursday, February 6, 2014

Livin' in A Wonderland

I thought I never
gonna fall in love
but I'm in love
cause I wanna love you baby
- I'm In Love by Narsha -
Happy Thursday Creamers! I'm back again with a not so late post.
Another sweet photos taken by Cha ^^ She's so talented! I always love her photos, especially this time.

We went to Pawon Tlogo last December, a great restaurant with traditional ethnic concept which provides Indonesian and Western Foods, so artistic to me! They divide the places to 3 pavilion (pendopo), they are Pendopo Nancy A. Aduur, Pendopo Ardji, and Pendopo Satun Putri. We ate ice creams in Pendopo Ardji.
I went to a little shop which sell and serve the ingredient for the restaurant. I got the permission to take a picture there. It's very comfy! All of the waiters was so kind heart. So, here the photos, taken by Cha :
About what I wear, I wear red green outfit, well, I called it Peterpan look a like style XD Okay, just my weird imagination. The green coat belong to my cousin, I borrowed it. And totally fall in love with the coat, will make one for me!
Truthfully from the first time
I met you
somewhere inside my heart
you crashed like a strong wave
- I'm In Love by Narsha -
I can be a good lover
wanna be your four-leafed clover
I will make you feel like
the happiest woman in the world
- I'm In Love by Narsha -
 In Pendopo Ardji

This is Cha! My bestfriend, talented photographer.
Pendopo Ardji, look like a ship right?

The yummy ice cream! It's Gelatto.
the next day, I went to Cha's house to give her a gifts! Her birthday gifts, she turned 20 last December.

date : December 22nd, 2013
location : Pawon Tlogo
photographer : Cha & Me
wardrobe : Green Coat - my cousin, Stripe Top - Kpopconnection, Red Skirt - details, Mint Jegging - Zara, Army Boots - unbranded, Red Backpack - Classroom, Shawl - unbranded
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  2. Loving the interesting video :)


  3. love that coat and that ice creaaam. oh myyyy <3

  4. Perfect look

    lovely photos, ayu!
    long time no here ^^

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  8. What a pretty place! Love your outfit!:D


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