Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Singin' In The Rain

I have been waiting for the rain.. 
And yes, its finally fallin' in my town. Then, I decided to wear my coat, played in the rain, dancing on my own. Thanks to my little brother, Ghozy who took the pictures. He's getting better and better. I put some my favorite lyric here, simply love these "rain" songs.
 Let the stormy clouds chase // Everyone from the place // Come on with the rain // I've a smile on my face // I walk down the lane // With a happy refrain // And singing // Singing in the rain // In the rain
Singin' In The Rain - SNSD (Original by Jamie Cullum)
Even if my heart's still beating just for you // I really know you are not feeling like I do // And even if the sun is shining over me // How come I still freeze? // No one ever sees, no one feels the pain // I she'd tear-drops in the rain // Oh... I she'd tear-drops the rain // Oh... Hey... tear-drops the rain 
Teardrop In The Rain - CN Blue

 All dressed up nowhere to go // So I'm dancing on my own // I've been waiting way too long // Dancing on my own
Dancing on My Own - Pixie Lott Ft. G-Dragon & TOP
Rainy days rainy days
 now that you’ve gone far away // my raindrops pouring down my eyes // you know I’ll never be okay // goes fade away fade away // don’t you know I’m missing you // here it slowly falls again // every day and night // as I open my eyes // Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, falling down my head
Rainy Days [Unplugged English Version]  - One Way

date :January 26th, 2014
location :home
photographer : My Little Brother, Ghozy
wardrobe : Blue Oxford Coat - 10dencies, Stripe Top -Phenomenal, Skirt - Ninety Degree
 And since I'm in my hometown, I cook a lot, hehe. I make a juice almost everyday, I'm so into Kimchi these days, I make so many foods with kimchi, hehe.
And this time, I'll share you my banana bread pudding photos ^^
The not so bread pudding was so yummy with yogurt fla. Should I post the recipe as well?

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9 sweet words:

  1. ur banana bread pudding look so yummyy
    Love it
    please follow me back kak ayu ^^ thanks


  2. now i wanna try banana bread pudding too. would you mind to post the recipe?? he

  3. your outfit and the umbrella, i love both!
    you look so lovely in that picture, nice to know you babe :)


  4. your outfit and the umbrella, i love both!
    you look so lovely in that picture, nice to know you babe :)


  5. loving every single of your photo~ ^^ did you take it in RAW?


  6. wow, stunning picture, :)

    I'm now following you, would you mind to follow back me?
    thank you, :)


  7. seneng ya kalau hujan. bisa pakai baju tumpuk2. lucu deee


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