Saturday, January 18, 2014

Now YOU See ME

 Holla Creamers! How is your day? I'm flying back to my hometown, Pangkalanbun today!!
This time I want to recommendation a place, a cake shop in my city, Banjarmasin, near my house, called Three Light Cakes. I really like cakes in this shop, and they're the only one cake shop who sell macaroons XD who doesn't love macaroons??
This is a really old photos, taken last year on September. I went there with my friend, Cha, and because it was so quite, we took a lot photos :D the waitress is very kind.
Three Light Cakes not only sell cakes but beverages too. It's comfy, we can play scrabbles, chest, they always play a good music and we can watch movies too, many books to read, and I really love it!
Cha decided to take a lot of candid photos, and I was so into it. Nah, so now you see me ... She used my camera and our friend's camera.
These photos taken by me.
Lot of books
It was so haaaaaard to choose XD
nom nom nom~
taken by me
so comfy rite?
Cha was taking a picture of what we ordered
she chosen the cakes
A for Adeayu or Anchor (?)
Now the details of what I wear
My oh-so-old red backpack!
date : September 21st 2013
location : Three Light Cakes Shop, Banjarmasin
photographer : Cha & Me
wardrobe : Line Shoes - Dexter, Polka Socks - Gosh, Denim Overall - Zipper Point, Red Sweater - Mobile Power, UK Kiss Flag Ring - Unbranded, Red Bag - Classroom

 Thanks for reading ^^

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13 sweet words:

  1. i love the place :3
    awesome place to hang out! where is it anyway ?

    1. thank you eka ^^
      It's in Banjarmasin, near my grandma's house :D

  2. Both of you are so adorable ^^ unyu unyu banget deh. And i love the new template Ayuu :)
    the place looks very comfy and cakes looks yummy

    1. thaaank you kak Mia XD
      hehehe template yang proses bikinnya lama banget kak, tapi puaaas banget aku XD
      Yes the place is so comfy and the cakes (beverages too) so delicious~

  3. Cool blog!! Following on Blogloving :D

  4. What a homey place! I wish they would like to open a store in Jakarta bcs not so many cake shop like that in Indonesia, right? :D
    And you look so cute, Kak xo
    Have a lovely Sunday

    A Red Crown Girl by ILS

    1. yes it is Ina ^^
      Really? It's really rare in Jakarta? I though there are so many cake shop like this one there.
      thank you dearest ^^

  5. Oh di three like cakes tempatnya sebagus ini, kirain cuman jualan kue-kue an. ada bukunya juga ternyata...
    Keren kak ayu! :)

    1. iya randi ^^ bagus banget, yang jaga juga ramah XD
      hihihi bukunya banyak banget buat dibaca sambil makan kue disana. makasih banyak ya ^^

  6. Orang kalteng jua sakalinya lah..hehe...btw cafenya nyaman gasan santai sambil ngeblog pina y nih..

    1. iyaa asli kalteng mas XD
      inggih nyaman gasan ngeblog sayang kedida wifi masih

  7. First time write here, halo ayu^^ #lambaidaripangkalanbun XD
    postingannya bikin lapar yu #drool terus ak juga jadi kepengen kopi haha
    itu buku mbak J.K Rowling punya km yu? atau dah disediain dari sana? waa, kepingin dah bacanya, mana buku yang tebel tuh rasanya pengen dilahap juga hahaha
    bdw yu, itu interiornya emank bulet gitu ato sejenis editan foto lomo?
    waduh banyak ngoceh ak disini yu, mianhae mianhae hehe #bowingbowing


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