Monday, January 20, 2014

Fly High! Featuring Marioc by Zi !

Hi Creamers! It's Monday, but for me, everyday is Sunday (since I'm on holiday) XD
I flew back to my hometown last Saturday, and here's my quick post, also~~ its been a long time since my currently post right? I'll update my currently here ^^
Have a good Monday creamers!
loving : someone! *blushing*
watching : Appaaa! Oddiga? XD A Korea Variety Show, "Dad Where Are You Going?" I really love this kind of family variety show, I love Jun and Junsu XD
listening to : Lana Del Rey and Lykee Li, so in love with their music.
obsessing : to update this blog diligently
reading : Conan 74 & 75, and I'm going to read "monster" by Urasawa Naoki for bla bla bla times XD
eating : a lot of cakes from my sponsor XD
doing : collect "post" things *spoiler*
so, what's your currently?

For my airport style (and I'm laughing a lot while mention it), I wore a blue-white theme, like sky and cloud ^^ All my OOTD taken by my lil brotha, Ghozy, he's a ten years old boy, 5th grade elementary student. The photos taken by my Canon 600d used 80mm lens. And I super love the result!
ups candid!
I love being on the plane, saw my beautiful Borneo island, saw white cotton candies.. I mean clouds :p and everything! This was my second flight for this year XD
My lil brotha!
Tada! This time, I'll also review my new bracelets! A tassel bracelets by Zi! Zi is a new brand by my friend, he's a fashion blogger too! Who is he??? Muallif Fachrozi from style with story! XD
I got Marioc with red-white-blue colors! Why? Because it represent "Marine and Ocean" ^^ I'm so into the packaging, a classic box and special vintage tin, he made it by himself, there are ten series tassel bracelets, I bought one for my cousin too. You can check all of Zi's tassel bracelets on it instagram ^^
match me so well right??

date : January 18th 2014
location : Home's Rooftop
photographer : Me & My lil brotha, Ghozy
wardrobe : Blue Pinafore - Ninety Degrees, White Pants - Corniche, Ribbon Shoes - Nokha 9 Footwear, Anchor Top - Unbranded, Tassel Bracelets - Zi by Fachorzi, Adidas Cambridge Watch - Adidas, Bag - Hasta La Vista, Clutch - Classroom

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5 sweet words:

  1. I Love the shoes, scarf and bracelets!
    ah, i wish my brother would help me shoot some photos like yours :(

  2. sukaaa banget sama tampilan baru blog kamu (mungkin karena aku udah lama ga main ke sini? hehe) ini tampilan terbaik. sangat manis :D

    dan sukaaa sekali sama gelangnya.

  3. Suka banget sama aksesoris kakak ^^ btw, following u kak

  4. OMG!!! that's adorable bracelet...want it so much!

    visit! follow!


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