Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Wonderful Year

Holla Creamers! I'm baaaack from a really long hiatus ^^

It's more than two months right? Totally missin' ma blog and blogwalking. Been busy with my college and finally my semester tests is over. Hope the result is good. In my long hiatus, I posts everything on my instagram account.
How have you been guys?
How was your New Year? 
It's been a year. A wonderful year for me. Thanks God and thanks everyone. Through this year, I've learned so many things. Including my best moments, highlights, accomplishments, disappointments, and failures I've had. I've come to some big realizations about my life. I made mistakes and had many lacks. I may not have been trying to do the best for the happiness of the people I care about.
I haven't been 100% committed to this blog, which help me a lot to grow up, I wish this year, I could post better than last year. I hope that you guys will stayed tuned with me in 2014.

And yooohooo~~~ How is my new design??? It's totally different from my old design right? whew, one of the reason for my long hiatus because my blog was under construction ^^
The cuteness overload header by talented girl Aurenia Karisa and the blog template by Adittya Regas from , he's so familiar right? Yes, this isn't the first time I mention him, since he helps me a lot for this blog.
I spend my new year eve with my family, at home, ate Klapertart from Kak Khusnulmunawati ^^ She calls it Klapy! I got cheese, original, and chocolate klapy and they're soooooo yummy! If I back to my hometown, I want to eat it again ^^

Do you know There are so many instagramers who using this site for 2013 most viewed photos, so am I! I also use another statigram's snapshots. Here they're!

These early year, Hasta La Vista (by Kak Rini from Kaleng Mimpi) sent me a set of her product!
And I reeaaaaly love it! It become my favorite bag now XD She sent me a drawstring bag with sea or marine pattern with brown color (did she now I really love brown?), a anchor envelope (and the fact I really love anchor!), and last but not the least a vintage key chain ^^ OMG I totally love it! I'll post more about it later ^^

To match everything, a couple days ago I went to the cinema with my cousin, we're watching 47 Ronin. Have you watched it guys? I know its kinda late for me to watch it, but, better than not at all right? I really like this kind of movie, history-fairy tale (or just tale), action ^^  After that, I ate an ice cream ♥♥

 And this is my latest OOTD! I name it.... Soupe de creme style since I was wearing cream color XD

date : January 9th, 2014
photographer : Me & Dini
wardrobe from head to toe:
 Scarf - my aunt's shop. Sweater Vest as Outer - Zia Zahra Boutique. Anchor Top - Unbranded. Anchor-Ribbon Necklace - DIY. Watch - Adidas. Pants - Details. Shoes - @bwithshoes. Bag - Hasta La Vista.

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  1. Keren kak tampilan blognya, apalagi headernya lucu banget hehehe

    Love ur style xoxoxoxo.

  2. Welcome back to the blogsphere! Nice post dear :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. Babe! I adore your blog soo much!! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin' :-).. Hope you can follow back!




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