Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stay Forever

Mey, Rumi, and Me
Dear Bestfriends, Rumi, Tiur, & Mey.

We laugh at the random-est things. We know our ugliest sides. Even thought we disagree sometimes, we fight sometimes, we cry sometimes, but we always smile at the end of our story.
Dear bestfriends, you guys, are one of the best things I have ever had.
We always thanks God for having each other.
Dear bestfriends, our paths may change as life goes on, but the bond between friends remains ever strong.
Sincerely, your sister, your bestfriend, Ayu ^^
  Early August, finally we met again, its hard to meet my bestfriends since four of us study in different city, two of us in Java, and two of us in Kalimantan. First time I met them in Senior High School, 1st grade, X-F Class, we were in the same class, then on our 2nd grade, Rumi and me in 1st Science class while Tiur and Mey in 2nd Science class. We may have many differences, culture, religion, etc. But, through our differences, we unite as bestfriends ^^
We went to the same tutoring place, we love K-pop, we slept together, we ate together, we practiced together.. We have the same bag, same sandals, same t-shirt, same bracelet, same key chain, same phones. That's girl, in our teenage time!
It's been 2 years after I met Mey, my chubby friend, hihihi, she's the most beautiful girl, she's studying in Medical Faculty in Central Borneo, she'll be a great doctor. While Rumi studies in Semarang to be a pharmacist, and Tiur studies in Jogja to be analyst. Me? I'm studying in Banjarmasin to be an entrepreneur ^^
 We met in our hometown, Pangkalanbun, unfortunately, due to Mey's parent, she stayed only for a day :( She couldn't meet my parent although my parent miss her so much. >_< well, she was the most often friend who played in my house.
And, for that very precious day, we played all day long, Rumi and Me went to Mey's house, and we decided to capture our day, Mey's cousin, Anthy helped us a lot that day, she drove us, and Try, a photographer (also my friend) took our pictures.
 In Mey's room, I did the turban hairstyle for them while Mey did the make-up for us.
my beautiful friends :*
On our way ^^

After the photoshoot, that night, we went to a cafe in our hometown and not forget to take a picture of our precious time!
Together with Anthy who's 2 years younger then us.
It's not complete without our curly girl, Tiur T_T unfortunately she couldn't come to our hometown this year..

- Walaupun cuma satu hari bisa ketemu Mey dan gak lengkap gak ada Tiur, satu hari ini sangat berarti untuk kami. Lima tahun bukanlah waktu yang singkat untuk kami menjalin persahabatan ini. Sahabat-sahabat sejiwa, the real sisters -
Adeayu Hadijah, Rumiati, Krismeikesari, Lamtiur Sinaga

Thanks a million to Try and Anthy!

date : August, 2nd, 2013
location : Hometown, Pangkalanbun, Central Kalimantan
photograper : Try, Anthy, and Us

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  1. Love your inspiring blog :)


  2. lovely outfit and place dear :D


  3. kak adeee...udah lama gak blogging nih aku. buka blog kamu, tautau templatenya udah ganti. lucu bangeeet. aku jadi kangen bestfie juga ini...huhuuu

    visit! follow!

  4. Cantik-cantik kak :). turbannya lucu juga :D

    Templatenya udah ganti ya kak, headernya lucu banget kak hehehe


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