Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tree Pathway & Blogger Meet Up

These photos have been taken last August, when I went back to my hometown in Central Kalimantan (mudik).This place is full with trees! So I called it tree alleyway, I always love going there, a place to exercise, people usually cycling, walking, running, playing ball here, from the young to the old! This place is always clean, and yes, that was one of the reason why I love my hometown! Thanks to my brother and his bicycle friends who accompany me cycling around this place. I wore my brother's jacket, he lend me this one, though its too big for me.
Pink bicycle! So match my outfit, this bicycle is my brother's friends :D

date : August 21st 2013
location : Pangkalanbun City
photographer : My brother and his friend
wardrobe : "Jacket" - my brother, "Dress" - Iduna Boutique, "Satchel Bag" - Classroom, "Socks" - Payless, "Flower Shoes" - @bwithshoes
And tadaa! Let's join me on this event! A meet up with Banjarmasin Teenager Bloggers! And of them is me! XD I surprised because there's my photo there, though I'm not yet calling myself as fashion blogger, I'm blogging whatever I like. There are also adittya regas from adittyaregas.blogspot.com, Lidya Basrindu from admilidyasari.blogspot.com, Bayu P. Buana from abortusjahilius.blogspot.com and many more! So excited! XD

And please come to my art group anniversary! ^^ My junior will hold their theater performance as their first debut there!
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9 sweet words:

  1. ada tukang pos cantik banget lagi mau nganterin surah pake sepedaaaa *eh :D
    wow sukses buat acara acara serunya ya dek :*

  2. suasananya tenang banget ya kak kayaknya disana itu :3
    jadi kepengen ke pangkalambun hhe

    keren nih di promosiian hhe

  3. woah that place looks rlly beautiful! so as you >< love the color combination in your outfit kak

  4. Yang sering fotoin siapa sih, Yu? Cakep banget :)
    Suasana di foto juga ngademin banget rasanya.. :D

  5. asiknya bersepeda, tempatnya juga bagus. :)
    nice bag, I like it!

  6. Pernah 2 kali ke pangkalannun dulu... xixiixix

  7. Cantik kak :3
    Ajarin dong kak, lagi belajar mix and match nih :D

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