Saturday, October 12, 2013

Peach-ing My Day

 Dear readers, how are you?
Its October and I'm back to my hometown again. Well, because of Eid Al Adha holiday. :D I just came back yesterday.
A bit surprised, my house has changed, new curtains in our parlor and our living room has a wallpaper. :D

My room? Nothing changed in my room.
Then, this time, I'll tell you my friend's online shop, @azkahijabelle ! It's an online shop for shawls and original branded make up, the owner, Ayu Sholanda is my high school mate, and our parents are friends too! She just opened her online shop and so happy she asked me to promote  her olshop through endorsement! (my second endorsement)
Yes, she sent me some shawls XD
I really love wearing her shawls, easy to wear and match with many outfits!
So, for you who want an affordable price shawl, you guys must check her shop ^^
She uses my photo as her online shop avatar XD
While doing this self photoshoot for her online shop, I played with some app in my phone, kekeke. Anyway, these photos taken in my grandma's house.
I made an instagram video with these photos, and my follower asked me to upload it to my youtube, she said she wants to download it ^^ so, here it is!

date : September 24th 2013
location : grandma's hous
photographer : self timer
wardrobe :White Top - unbranded, adeayu name necklace - order it from my friend, flower crowns - Ayuyu by AdeayuHadijah, Peach Crinkle Shawl - Azkahijabelle by Ayu Sholanda

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4 sweet words:

  1. Lovely post beautiful! Keep up the great work in your blog…
    Wish you a rocking weekend,
    Kisses from Miami,

  2. thats very nice n very cute,hehe :))
    ajariiin potoshoop dong kaakaak :))
    salam EPICENTRUM
    mampir ya :))

  3. oh my God, the online shop based in Semarang? it's a city where I stay in the weekdays.. anyway good luck for your friend and the endorsement!


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