Friday, September 6, 2013

Tea... and these little things

my grandma's tea cups collection. photo credits to me
Happy Friday!!! I have a class this early morning, and I write this one last night.

 Let's talk about love, ugh, I mean "tea" :D
I like tea, usually I just drink green tea, another? I haven't, well, I'm quite picky for beverages.
A couple days ago, I went out with my friend, Dwi, and we end up ate dinner. Then I read some teas on their menu,"earl grey", "camomile", "green tea". Suddenly, its remind me of a manga, one of my favorite manga, "Prince of Tea". ^^ I ordered earl grey!

Aku cukup menyukai teh, biasanya green tea selalu menjadi pilihanku, dan aku agak pemilih kalau soal minuman. Akhir Agustus lalu aku menemani temanku Dwi jalan, lalu saat makan di sebuah cafe, aku melihat ada beberapa nama teh yang tak asing bagiku, "earl grey", "camomile", "green tea". Kenapa jadi gak asing? karena aku udah pernah baca komik yang ngebahas berbagai macam teh, "prince of tea", komik sebanyak 25 jilid ini benar-benar ngajarin aku banyak tentang teh, aku bacanya waktu SMP dulu, kebetulan komik punya kakak sepupu. Tanpa pikir panjang, aku nyobain earl grey, why? karena dalam komik tersebut, earl grey itu "pangeran" teh favoritku, kalem dan pemalu :D
tea. earl grey. hot. - Jean-Luc Picard
 Let me tell you about Earl Grey! Earl Grey is black teas that has unique and strong aroma, the flavour? Its strong too, but so relaxing. Some facts said that its a blend of black tea flavored with the essence of Bergamot rind. This famous tea is named for an English prime minister,  Lord Charles Grey the second. The benefits of drink it, it used to treat depression as aromatherapy, as an antioxidant (just like green tea), as a fever reducer, a relaxant, and etc.
The one that I drank is "Dilmah" Earl Grey Tea. Dilmah Tea (ini brand tehnya ya, bukan jenis tehnya, maksudnya, teh yang aku minum itu Earl Grey dengan brand teh Dilmah) ini dari Sri Lanka, setelah searching (baca :googling), Dilmah dan Twinings itu paling populer. Tapi sampe saat ini, aku baru nyobain brand Dilmah & Lipton.

Two days ago, I went to that cafe again, this time, I tried Camomile Tea. Chamomile or Camomile tea is a herbal infusion tea, soothing a person to sleep and for diabetes. Its sound silly, but its work on me! I drank it at 6 pm, and I sleep at 9 pm, I was so sleepy. In the morning, I searched about it and I just know its sleeping aid. I sleep faster and feel so relax.
I went to a mini market near my house yesterday, then I found this Lipton tea brand, Chamomile tea one.

allright, thats all about the teas that I've tried! ^^
These days, I enjoyed my photography activities again, well, its because Kak Yulia from and me make a 7 days instagram photo challange. If you're instagramers, I bet you know about photo challange, usually its 30 days, but we make it for 7 days, Kak Yulia and me choose the theme of the day, I use her photo and edited it, we both work for it, and so glad! for the first photo challenge, we gained some instagramers to join it, there are about 100 photos now, just search #pho7ochallange to make sure!
Oh and all of you can join it, its free and for fun, there are some instagramers that just started it. And here mine!
day 1-5
Favorite!! Took by Kak Iza, edited by Kak Iza and me
at first, I want to use it as still life photo on day 4
I received a super cute and colorful gift from Erika, a friend who is like my little sister for me two days ago.

Yesterday, Erika and me went to Diana 16 birthday party, because my full-study-day in campus, we came late. Erika and me decided to gave her a bouquet of flowers!
 At the flower shop. There aren't sunflower, T_T I really want that badly.
my super tired face after full day study at college T_T
with my dearest Erika
   Happy birthday Diana, happy 16 and keep weird! XD
 Together with Kak Anet, Diana, Erika, and Ibu Irma. Pic from Diana's twitter.
on the way. Really love this one!
 I started to use my youtube account again, I made it on my 2nd year of senior high school ^^ Mostly, I uploaded my daily videos from my path and instagram. Make sure you check it :D

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  1. Bikin ngiler -,,-
    Iih foto2nya keren pake banget. KEREN BANGET. Bunga nya cantik :)

  2. aww i really love flowers! edit foto nya lucu bgt ><

  3. kak itu ngedit tulisannya pake font apaan?

  4. This post makes me so hungry!!! Lol.

  5. aakuu sukanya english breakfast :D apalagi kalau pakai creamer :)

  6. why green teaaaa hahah I'm not that fond of that one. Jadi selain Jepang dan Inggris, dimana lg ya yg ada teatime-nya? haha iya sayang sunflower ga ada di florist, padhal itu bunga favorit cw aku..


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