Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Eid Al Mubarak before it's too late

Holla Creamers!
First of all, I wanna say Happy Eid Al Mubarak for all Muslims over the world! May God accept our fasts and deeds! I can believe its so fast and tomorrow already feast day, I lost 5 days of my fasts, better than last year.

My Ramadan is somewhat different from last year. I can spent my whole Ramadan in my hometown, last year I spent half of it in Banjarmasin. And my friends too, they came back earlier, so we spent much time together, really quality time, hehe. The happiest one is I can met my bestfriends, soul sisters, Rumi and Mey (without Tiur because she isn't return to our hometown). Even if we just met Mey for one day (she must return to her hometown soon), we spent the entire day together. It's really TGIF! Thanks to Anthy (Mey's cousin) and Try for that day.
 Hampir tiap hari bareng Rumi terus, kalo gak aku yang main ke rumahnya, dia yang main ke rumahku. Sampe lupa waktu kalo udah bareng. Udah setahun gak ketemu ^^.

And my super lovely senior high school classmates, Science Program First Class, we called it twepas! Finally we iftar (break our fast) together in our homeroom's house, Mrs. Narmi, that was Dipo's birthday, so all of us trick him, he was full of water and floor. kekeke. Our homeroom and some of the boys keep paired me with one of my classmate because we're singles (ugh).
Kita teraweh bareng dan jalan-jalan selesai teraweh, mengunjungi makam Almarhum Kicun di hari ulang tahunnya, bukber bareng, dll.
I also spent my Ramadan by hang out with my cousins who rarely met, because we study in different city (different island too), well, they're getting handsome I think, but still prank and bother me, oh boys. Kalo kata teman-teman di sanggar, aku ini gampang dikerjain makanya sering diisengin =.="

Usually my family go to East Java (all of my dad's family live there), we spent feast day one year in East Java, and the other year in Kalimantan. But this year we didn't go to East Java because my dad's healing period, he's not as strong as before. My family in East Java keep ask us to go there, since its been a year since I went there for my cousin wedding party.

A really impress thing happen when I met my friends, hihi. My girl friends who don't wear hijab (and wear hijab too) asked me so many things and some tutorials for my hijab, they asked me about my turban style too, its remind me with my first time wear turban on last year feast day.
Waktu datang ke rumah Ibu Narmi, Ovi langsung nanya gimana pake hijab kaya gitu, padahal simple banget. Sama Rumi juga, yang katanya InsyaAllah tahun ini mau pake hijab, tiap ke rumah pasti belajar hijab, bahkan Mey dan Rumi jadi bahan eksperimen untuk turban hehehe.

loving: reusable bag! If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I'm crazy about green life (walaupun gak suka warna hijau), I choose to bring reusable bags everywhere, and my dad's friend give me another small reusable bag! Yaaayness!! My hometown is so clean too, we won 7 adipura (hygiene) trophies for 7 consecutive years. You can find many trees and there aren't pollution here, so how can I'm not proud and love my hometown?My hometown also has instagram account! Go go go check and see how beautiful my hometown @pangkalanbun310
 watching: Running Man K-Variety Show as always, and now I'm also watching The Best Lee Soon Shin K-drama, I'm a huge fan of IU and really love her act there.
listening to: a love notes by Joe D' Mango from Sabrina Love Notes Album. First time listening to "letting go" and it feel likes a thunder grabs me, the words are so me!
obsessing: with green and healthy life.
reading: I read again Monica and Friends comics! Hehehe, its remind me of my childhood, one of my favorite comic.
eating: healthy foods day by day, I lost 3kg because I don't eat snacks. So glad! Oh, and this year I don't go to cake fair even once. Well, because now family is so picky about what we eat, my mom doesn't like cakes from cake fair because they're too sweet, too many dye, not healthy, not clean, bla bla bla, and I'm not interested to go there too.
doing :cleaning my house because our helper are take leave for feast day.
thinking : Actually, there are some complex things these few days, I'm a bit depression and feel heaviness. :')

I might talk a lot this time ^^Happy Eid Al Mubarak and Happy Holiday people!

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  1. fotonya seru-seruu, mohon maaf lahir batin ya kakak, selamat hari raya idul fitri :)

  2. Mohon maaf lahir & batin Ayu ^^
    wah,,, Ayu agak kurusan nie di foto nya :)

  3. met idul fitri ya
    mohon maaf lahir dan batin


  4. happy eid mubarak.. mohon maaf lahir dan batin

  5. Hi my Dear Adeayu! <3
    Happy Eid Mubarak, wishing you have a meaningful of Syawal with family.
    Big hugs from Malaysia! Take care, xoxo

  6. Love your inspiring collection :)


  7. Eid mubarak juga kak...ramenyaaa seru banget kaya'nya itu

    visit! follow!

  8. Mohon maaf lahir batin ayuuu :')

  9. dek ayu mau dong tutorial turbannya, biar nambah referensi buat jilbaban pas wisuda entar ^^
    happy eid dekkk :))))

  10. walaupun telat, tp mohon maaf lahir dan batin ya mba ayu :)

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