Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Family, "Cousins"

Back again with "Eid Mubarak" part 2! Part 1 here.

On the night of day 1, all of my big family (Hamsan's Family) gathered at my cousin's house, Bobby & Ira. We talked and played together.
Kebagi-bagi banget, anak-anak kecilnya main sendiri, bapak-bapaknya ngobrol depan tv, ibu-ibunya di meja dapur, sedangkan kami yang remaja-dewasa ngumpulnya di lantai 2. XD

And then, we decided to take family photos on the stairs, but then we took another unique form.
kita duduknya dari yang paling tua paling atas hehe
my simple turban, easy to make!
I'm wearing a dress from my mom, bought it in Malang last year, I wore it on my cousin's wedding party.
The next Monday, as we plan, we went to a beach in our city, "Kubu Beach", and glad we went there on Monday, not crowded.
We played hard there! My cousin, Kak Fitri, Dini, and me are a big fans of Running Man, Korea Variety Show, and we played some of their games, like hedge ball, throw sandals, guest movies title, gropu jump, etc. The winner? my team are the winner wkwwk, almost all of the games. And the other group must bought us coconut water or lift us.

with Tommy and Kak Fitri
 I really love this jacket, old enough

my brother bring a cycle, so yayness! I cycling on the beach.
sebelum hijabnya hancur karena angin
on our way back to home, we ate lunch at Ruhama, a fishing restorant with a really comfortable and green place, the foods are so delicious too!

Oh Creamers! I just make an ask.fm account! Feel comfortably to ask me anything on http://ask.fm/adeayudeay ^^

date : 12 August 2013
location :  Kubu Beach, Pangkalanbun, Central Kalimantan.
photographer : my family & me
wardrobe : Shoes - Flameon Footmate, Blue Shawl - unbranded, Vest - Eddie Bauari, Skirt - Nelly, Bag - Classroom

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  1. cantik,,cabtik lucu juga tuh yang photo di tangga DI sesuain ma umur ,,^_^

  2. Cantik kak, skirtnya lucuu banget :D
    follow blog aku juga ya kak www.mylittlewordsss.blogspot.com


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