Sunday, July 28, 2013

Instagram.. #Instadeay #2

Holla creamers! How was your weekend? me? After taraweh pray with my high school mates we went out XD I spent my satnite with them.
Is it okay if I call my readers creamers?
Which one you prefer? Creamers or Buttoners?

I just realized that I'm rarely post here, till this July, I post less 30 posts.
 This time, I'll post my instagram photos, my first post is here.

Continue my instagram post, these are my favorite since March until July.
 1. Done my diy flower crown and try it! hihi
2. latest theater performance by my art group, Sanggar Bahana Antasari. After the show.
3. Favorite classic outfit
4. A workshop on Mandiangin by my art group.
5. Tried so many pocky! Yum yum
6. After teaching in Sekolah Bawang, I doodled with my students.
7. Boots, Satchel Bag, and Dress. So me!
8. With my art group after a poem competitions. Glad we won the first and third winners.
9. With Anya Dwinov after 4 Pilar Goes to Campus show recoding.

 1. Did a photoshoot for a siblings, Kak Anet & Kak Mita, and I asked Kak Anet to snap me a picture.
2. Did a photoshoot with Aa, my favorite BW picture. Taken by Aa
3. another favorite side picture. Also taken by Aa.
4. Become a photographer for hijabi banjarmasin event.
5. With famous hijaber and designer, Jenahara & Ria Miranda
6. Finally new varsity jacket, didn't I look like Pororo color style?
7. Mavensay account is @adeayudeay hihi
8. Macaroons!! who doesn't love these rainbow macaroons?
9. daily styles

1. home made salad by Adeayu Hadijah! nom nom nom
2. After Taraweh with my high school classmates
3. Afternoon shoot at my school before break fasting with my high school mates.
4. Turban attack!
5. Last night style with my girls.
6. My girls!
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15 sweet words:

  1. hi,,hi,,,review insta keren,,,keren yang turbannya itu semacam tutorial atau gimana ?

    1. Hehe makasih kak ^^
      Yang turban itu iseng-iseng aja gak ada kerjaan. Karena iseng gak sempat foto tutorialnya, sebagian udah lupa caranya >_<

  2. lovely hijab :D


  3. Loving these lovely pictures :)


  4. lama gak main kemari :D masih tetep dengan style busana muslimnya yg kece2. wih jd anak sosialita sekarang semuanya punya :)

  5. Baru pertama kali mampir kesini, salam ya kak :D

  6. yang pake turban, pipinya pengan aku cubitin deh :D

  7. I spotted macarons there! >< nice hijabbb :D

  8. You have lots of lovely pictures! :)


  9. those picture are amazing :p i'm pocky addict too hahaha

  10. Your instagram pics look so fun and amazing.


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