Wednesday, July 24, 2013

False Color and Dskon Review

 How are you guys? How is your Ramadan?
Finally I've time to write a new post again. I'm on my long semester holiday, and ofc I went back to my hometown in Central Kalimantan, I really enjoy my holiday, meet my parents, eat my mom's foods, play game with my lil brother, hang out with my bestfriends, Senior High School mates.
For my ramadan, alhamdulillah, I never skip my taraweeh prays.
My semester exam scores? They're great! i just need to wait for one score. ^_^
 This is a really old photoshoot with one of photographer who usually asked me to be his model, Kak Sanusi. He was using his new false color camera, so the result of the photo are different! And I love it!
 Skirt is my best fashion-partner (since I must wear a skirt in my campus too), so many skirt in my closet, mini skirt, midi skirt, an asymmetric skirt, tutu skirt, pattern skirt, flower skirt, lace skirt, and bla bla bla. Whenever I see a cute skirt, sometimes, without think twice, I’ll definitely buy it!

If you’re still afraid to wear a mini skirt, here some tips from me!
-         Choose your favorite style of skirt, I choose a skirt based on the cuteness. :D
-         Wear an oversized sweater, just like me.
-         I usually wear a boots if I want a little boyish touch.
-         I never wear a tight skirt, since I’m wearing hijab

So, where we can buy a good and suitable one? My favorite is! Why? Because I can buy many skirts from so many brands on their blog, and not only that, I also get so many brand reviews, promo offers, and even fashion tips and tricks. I love reading their tips and tricks, it help a lot! Here a tips and trick how to wear a skirt from them.
Don’t be afraid because Dskon is the biggest Indonesian fashion portal where you can find the very best deal in town, products and brand reviews, exclusive promo offers, even fashion tips and tricks on how to maximize your look! 
What are you waiting for? Go check it! ^^


date : 2nd April 2013
location : Banjarmasin
photographer : Kak Sanusi
wardrobe : sweater - Korean Hoodies, Satchel Bag - Daily Wardrobe, Skirt - Unbranded, Army Sneakers - Tanah Abang Market, Anchor Necklace & Flower Crown - Ayuyu by Adeayu Hadijah

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12 sweet words:

  1. I love the outfit, the pics tone especially the 4th pic :3
    I'm sure that you have much quality times with your family now! Xx

  2. love your tone pic, you see a cute and fresh with u'r smile :)

  3. Love tone color kak, aaa mau difoto sama ka Ayu :3 kapan yaa ? Thank u for sweet comment about my healthy life ka, echa terharu banget. Semoga kita bisa sama-sa menginspirasi.

    Much love..


  4. how cute ! i love the first picture :))

  5. It looks really pretty, love the color and outfit!

    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC? Take a look into my blog and let me know!

  6. hehe false colour ini lagi tren ya :D iya sih fotonya emang keliatan lebih menarik dan lebih manis :D di kampus ada peraturan wajib pakai rok? mm kalo linda sih emang pake rok terus kecuali ada tugas lapangan di kampus

  7. boleh make gak itu yang dikepala kak? :3

  8. rame ya pernak perniknya. itu disiapin atau beli sendiri?

  9. Such a beautiful pictures!

    I`m your new follower:)

  10. lovely colors combo! also love your head piece. you look so pretty!


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