Thursday, June 27, 2013


 Let the photo tell you on it way.
Took these photos last Sunday while photographed Kak Mita and Kak Aneta, they're sisters who asked me to take their pictures ^_^ Kak Aneta did some make up on my eyes, but it's not shown right :p
loving: my dad as always. He's on his second surgery yesterday. I feel bad for him :( Wish he recover soon. I miss him a lot.
watching: I still watching some un-update drama, it's last episode of Cheongdamdong Alice and ofc I watch Running Man variety show, the last episode 151 with Han Hyo Joo is so hilarious!
listening to: a not really old song by Taylor Swift - We are Never Ever Getting Back Together catch my ears again.
obsessing: to go to Surabaya to meet my dad :'(
reading: my text book, I'm having my final exam for this semester next July, and after that, a really long holiday waiting for me.
eating: lots of banana and juice. well, my mom keep asks me to eat more healthy foods.
doing : my photography activity, well, I'm so happy some of my friends asked me to take their pictures, it's sharpen my skill I think, and even my friend's friend asked me too. Thanks for trust me to take you guys pictures ^_^

nb : thanks Illy for inspiring me!
so, what's your currently?

 It's ombre shoes
 I love the view so much
date : 23rd June 2013
location : Sabilal Mosque
photographer : Ka Aneta
wardrobe : Flower Shawl - Say Hijab, Skirt - Zia Zahra, Shoes - Flameon Footmate, Suspender - Naughty, Hat - Kak Aneta's
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16 sweet words:

  1. beautiful! I love your shoes so much!

  2. dapat banget suasananya ka, sabilal kan?? sukaa :D

    buat ayah kaka, semoga cepet sembuh ya amiiin

  3. Nice picture, great shot, amazing !!

  4. Amazing look!

  5. You look great and the view is indeed awesome!

    Would you like to visit/follow each other?<3

  6. pretty romantic look =)
    lovely girl!

  7. Get well soon ayu's daddy.
    loving the photos!
    the tones and the colors looks awesome

  8. so so prety

  9. Kak suka bangeet sama efek kamera <3 Kakak juga cantikk banget heheheh..

  10. great blog
    Take a look at my blog:

    Let's follow each other via bloglovin/facebook? Let me know

  11. love the lighting there, stunning n u makes me missing the photoshoot which long time havent been done! haha


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