Monday, June 24, 2013

The Winner of My First Giveaway

So, the winner of my first giveaway with @bwithshoes is... *drums roll*
Congratulation! ^_^ You're the winner that chosen by @bwithshoes! You win a shoes from them, I'll contact you via email soon ;)
So sorry for a late announcement >_<
 And for the second winner is Annisa Mulia.
The third winner is Nourash.
and last but not the least for favorite winner is Rini Hastuti (I'll give you a cute gift) :D
I'll contact all of you via email soon :D
Thanks for all the participants, wait for the next giveaway ^_^
Thanks for @bwithshoes and stylewithstory as the sponsors of this giveaway.
By the way, last 11th June 2013, my campus was chosen by TVRI Nasional for filming their show "4 Pilar Goes To Campus", the crews and MC are from Jakarta too. And so happy, that they asked about 200 collegers from every SMEs and communities, so, together with my art groups we joined the filming. And another happy thing is our traditional dancer was chosen too dance in the show!
They're also write about this event in my campus on their website! So proud with my campus XD
just a photo on the day at my art group secretary

The day before the filming, we were holding rehearsal. Unfortunately we can't take a picture nor playing handphone when they're recording or taking a break, so, I can't take a picture of the recording. I'm wearing my almamater. 
 After the show, with one of the speaker, party leaders MPR RI, Mr. Al Muzammil Yusuf.

With the host, Kak Anya Dwinov.

The opening, shown education themed comedy by comedian Jaim, Jamil, and Dibyo Primus.
 With the comedians.

 Candid when I asked for an autograph.
 With the host, Mr. Yana Indrawan

 together with my art group's senior


 date : 11th June 2013
location : Auditorium of my campus
photographer : Bahana art group members

wardrobe : Flower shoes - @bwithshoes, almamter - IAIN Antasari Banjarmasin

Accessorize : Bag - Daily Wardrobe, Lace Ribbon "Ayuyu" made by Adeayu. 

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  1. aw, thanks kak :D thanks bwithshoes ><
    bakal jadi sepatu favoritku deh ntaaar :D thank you soooooo much!

  2. `wah makasih banyak ,,,dapet vas buat photo,,,,^_^ thank you

  3. rada nyesek liat juranya. kenapa gak ikutan kemarin pdhl sepatu cowoknya.. ahh sudah lah.. .__.

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