Saturday, June 15, 2013

strange smile

It's strange. a bit. to me.
but as usual, I passed with ease. as usual, let the time.
emptiness. a hollow.

 Hi readers, another outfit post! I went to a city near my city, Banjarbaru, with Cha and Kak Ozi, then we went to a new empty government building, we took a photos there! There were so many photos, but the result aren't really good, my smile was the problem. Most of the photos show a strange smile, from me. That's why Cha and Kak Ozi keep asked me to show my cheer smile. So, where did the smile go?
This time, I wore a pattern blazer, an old one! Got it from my grandma's wardrobe, isn't it cool?? There are so many cool outfit from my grandma's wardrobe, they're so vintage and retro.
Remember my post about my grandma's wardrobe too? Check here.

cha, photo by me
Cha and Kak Ozi candid moment
the blazer's pattern detail
bag from daily wardrobe
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bonus :p

location : Banjarbaru City
photographer : Chanissa

wardrobe : Blazer - Grandma, Skirt - unbranded, Mint Jeans - Zara, Bag - Daily Wardrobe, Shoes - @bwithshoes
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  1. Replies
    1. but I don't like green actually :p

    2. so why you did wear that?? -_-

  2. wah keren banget blazernya. tua'an blazernya brti di banding ayu ya he,,,he

    1. hehe iya kaa, mungkin.. tapi bisa juga aku dah lahir nenek baru beli XD

  3. padahal blazer sama sepatunya punya motif sama sama rame tapi padu padannya enak dilihat hehehehhe

  4. you look so pretty, love your shoes xx

  5. love your outfit :)

  6. Lovely ensemble! Amazing jacket
    Keep up the great job in your blog!
    Kisses from Miami,

  7. I love your blog!
    Do you wants follow us?

  8. sepatu kamu menggoda sekali deeee. you know I love everything with flowers on it.


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