Thursday, June 6, 2013

Caramel Time

 Hi People! It's been a long time since my last post.
Again and again, I'm so sorry for not visiting others blog and keep posting, there was a middle test in my college, some event from my art group, and my internet connection is suck for more than a week.
Allright, today is holiday, and for me, I've 4 days off >_< I really wanna go to my hometown, but its too faraway. For today, I went to a new cafe in Banjarmasin city, called Papillon Coffee, together with Chanissa and Kak Ozi from  stylewithstory .
It's a bit crowded there due to holiday, we didn't get a good spot (T_T). But it's okay, we enjoyed everything there. The place is so cozy! I love the pictures on the wall, but unfortunately I didn't capture it (maybe next time). One thing that I regret, there's no smoking area, so it's a bit uncomfortable for me because there's someone who smoked next to my table.

I ordered a caramel latte with my name on it and a spaghetti, Kak Ozi ordered an vanilla latte and ... (we forget what he ordered), Cha ordered a caffe latte with love sign.
With Cha
With Kak Ozi
We wanted to take a picture for our ootd there, but, because its a bit crowded there, we decided to take a picture on a street. The photographer is Cha, she's a photographer too :D
Thanks for these awesome photos sweety :D
  I'm wearing my boots, and a diy lace ribbon on it. The long coat is so comfortable, I rarely wear it, but because today is so gloomy and cold, I choose to wear it. Happy Holiday!

location : Papillon Coffee & a street
photographer : Cha & Kak Ozi
wardrobe : Coat - unbranded, Skirt - Details, Bag - Daily Wardrobe, Boots Shoes - handmade

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13 sweet words:

  1. Langsung kepikiran wafer stroberi sama kopi pas ngeliat outfit kaka hmmmm :)

  2. wow ayu nice ..that the caramel late ..your name :D

    such a cute out fit and shoes :D

  3. wah keren yu suka banget dengan diy ribbon lace nya kontras banget dengan sepatunya

  4. suka banget sama coatnya kak.. really love ur style ^^ so simple


  5. seems all of you are having a great time together! I love your outfit kak <3

  6. adeee, topnya cute sekali. love the colour and the pattern and thanks for commenting in all my blog post. love you

  7. hi adeayu, makasih udah mampir di blog aku ^^ nice to know u..
    lucu deh sepatunya..
    btw, insya Allah secepatnya aku bikin tutorialnya ya.. :)

  8. yum yum yummmmm.... great outfit ensemble!


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