Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Friday with "Earth Fingers"

 Last Friday, after teaching in Yayasan Anak Bangsa, together with Mrs Irma & Erika, I went to a boutique near Mrs. Irma's house, then we found the house is so unique. Erika and me took some pictures there ^^
I wore "Earth Fingers" t-shirt from @FIM_Banua ( Forum Indonesia Muda (FIM) Banua ), a community like #dropyourbooks, bought it from it members, Kak Filan and Kak Maya.
The t-shirt is so cool and cute I think :D it's a tree with fingers as it leafs. I'm so proud, the designer is Kak Ozi from . He's super creative!

 FYI, the gain on sale of additional capital will be used as a social project by @FIM_banua & Friends (Taman Baca Intan Banua, mengunjungi balita penderita Hydrocephalus, Peringatan Hari Ibu, Wisata Sejarah Museum, dsb). How glorious, right?
There are two design here ^^
So if you are interested to help each other and want to buy this t-shirt (IDR 90K) , just contact @FIM_banua or Kak Filan @TantriDjamhari !
 I'm wearing "Hello Peter" from @bwithshoes. It's so comfortable and cute shoes^^ madly in love from the first time I saw this shoes!
And guess what?? I'm going to hold a giveaway with @bwithshoes ... The term and condition will soon post on blog! But, before that, leeets take a look their collection ;)
photo from @bwithsoes
The photographer is Erika, a profesional photographer and she's still 16 yo! Unfortunately, we didn't bring camera that day, so the picture are low-res. >_<
This is Erika! She's the photographer!
This is just a quick post, welcome May!

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21 sweet words:

  1. keren banget outfitnya ,,,,,emang bener kaosnya itu keren ,,,,,,,think green dari sekarang dengan hal kecil pun bila di lakukan bersama-sama efeknya luar biasa

  2. hai ayu,wow nice shoes and cute dear..:D

    it's suitable for you.

  3. cute :))

  4. Aaaa sepatunya lucu banget kak pingin T_T

  5. love the way you combine community t-shirt to be a beautiful outfit. and love the shoes :)

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love that shirt!
    I'm following you back~

  7. super cute tees!!
    and great shoes

  8. thank you for comment on my blog, and u look amazing with that shoes love it :)

  9. I love the first photo.

    You and your blog are getting gorgeous and gorgeous ayu!
    proud of you

    Keep it up!

  10. cte shoes and skirt!x

  11. Your blog is very cute!

    You can find me on
    xoxo from Milan (Italy)

  12. Type gaya berpakaian sama kaya saya, alias kalau atasan berwarna blue navy pasti sepatu'a harus sama juga alias biar serasi + enak dipandang :)

  13. Hey Dear
    Great post! <3

    New post on my blog:

  14. You do such a good job at pairing things together. You've created such a pretty ensemble.
    I love your skirt!


  15. Loving the two tone shoes :)

    Hope you have a great day!




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