Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Giveaway with @bwithshoes !

Finally!! I hold my first giveaway with bwithshoes!
The first winner will get a pair of shoes from bwithshoes! Its random shoes! But they will give you based on your style XD

The second winner will get bracelets from stylewithstory , a flower crown diy by myself, a dream catcher necklace, and two cute vase for display pictures.

 The third winner will get a flower crown diy by myself, a dream catcher necklace, and two cute vase for display pictures.
How to win these giveaway?
1. Like bwithshoes fanpage (
Follow my blog through bloglovin' & GFC
Follow @bwithshoes twitter
You can also follow bwithshoes instagram @bwithshoes and my instagram @adeayudeay.

2 Post 3 different styles (your photos) and also write about this giveaway on your blog post (the blog share link is required).
(gak mesti foto baru, foto lama juga boleh. dan bebas pake sepatu apapun)

3. Post your giveaway link on bwithshoes facebook and tweet about the giveaway with format :
" @adeayudeay & @bwithshoes I have joined the #bwithshoesgiveaway on ! Get free shoes and accessories! ".

4. Put your comment in this post with your name, email, twitter / instagram account and the blog link. 

The winner will choose by bwithshoes and me! This giveaway is open internationally until 15th 20th June 2013, so you'll have one month ^^ I will announce the winner on 21st June 2013. The winner must post her style with the shoes which given.

Don't forget to follow all the rules and mention your twitter / instagram account and put your post link about this giveaway. Make sure you're following us! GOOD LUCK! :D

For example:
Pict from Merricks Art.
 Detail of the gifts
The bracelets
 The Flower Crown
Cute vase for display pictures

 With my In Her Shoes from Bwithshoes!

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19 sweet words:

  1. sepatunyaaa arghhh mupengg kereenn sekali

  2. wuhuuuuuuu....kereeen challengenya:))
    jalan ke blog aku ya yu, Giveaway Challenge ini udh aku promosiin, dan aku nominasikan kamu di "The Versatile Blogger Award", next join dipermainan ini ya...

    sukses dan sukses untuk Giveaway Challengenya:))

  3. keren sepatu'a, tp terlalu wah komposis warna'a alias jreng banget :)

  4. Lovely oxfords! great shoes!
    Kisses from Miami,

  5. the colour of shoes you wear is so pastel :D

  6. the colour of shoes you wear is so pastel :D

  7. woah, cool giveaway. goodluck ya with your giveaway :)

  8. Great giveaway.
    Good luck !!!

  9. Hello. blognya keren :)
    Salam kenal yaaa!

    twitter : @tazty | IG : @tazty

  10. aaarrgghh pengen bgt sepatunya!
    blog km keren bgt! :D
    slm kenal yaa...

  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sepatu nya keren!

  12. have joined this giveaway :)
    name : Rini Hastuti
    email :
    twitter :
    facebook :
    link :

    hoho semuga dapat cepatu cantiknya :D

  13. have joined this giveaway
    name : nurnaike novianti
    email :
    twitter :\
    facebook :
    link :

    good luck everyone

  14. Udah ngikut giveawaynya nih, :D
    name : Andini Oktarani Tria Rahma
    email :
    twitter : @sandaljepit79
    blog link :

    pleeease gimme that fabulous shoes ><

  15. Hi Ayu, bbrp hari lalu aku ngedit foto bwt giveawaynya tp blm slesai masih pilih2 foto. Dan besoknya laptopku gabisa nyala. Hiks. So sorry that I can't join the giveaway :(, dan sementara ngeblog masih pk mobile. Sukses ya ayu giveawaynya :)

  16. Yu, kakak udah joined ya giveaway-nya ^^ Mian agak telat, pretty away from internet access lately :'D
    Here's the link on my blog

    Twitter/Instagram: @NisaCemulia


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