Saturday, April 27, 2013

Somewhere Only We Know

  I came across a fallen tree
I felt the branches of it looking at me
Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?
Somewhere only we know?
Somewhere only we know?

Somewhere Only We Know -  Keane

 A song from Keane, a really-great deep song, my dad (oh, I talked about my dad again and again) used to hear this song, he played it almost everyday at home, so, it turn to be my favorite song too. 

How have you been? Me? I'm fine ^^
This time, I'll share some photo from my lates photo session with Cha and friends (Dung Dung Pret Photograph). Cha invited me to be their model that time, the concept is Hijaber.
So I took my flower maxi dress, combine it with denim vest (redesign by me) and wore pink shawl.
a diy flower crown by me
 Behind the scenes

I was wearing an oxford shoes from inhershoes

location : somewhere only we know :p
photographer : Dung Dung Pret Photograph Crews
wardrobe : Flower Maxi Dress- unbranded, Denim vest - DIY, Shawl - Sudimampir Market, Oxford Shoes - inhershoes

and by the way, finally I bought (another) black boots ^^ I've fall for oxford and bought some oxfords, but then I back to boots :P I got a black white bracelet too! So nice!
thanks adorable project! Can't wait to wear it tomorrow!!

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12 sweet words:

  1. what a lovely song and what an adorable jean vest! Like your maxi dress too! You seem like such a sweet girl ^^


  2. cantik,,,di fhoto di islamic centere kah atau di masjid ...?^_^

    sepatu di afdorable projeck memang keren-keren

  3. Yeahhhhhh...... akhirnya postingan yang d tunggu d terbitkan jugaaa ... Sankyuuu kaaa.. *deep bow*

  4. you look amazing!

  5. pink's everywhereeee :D btw dek ayu itu stoking item atau kaus kaki panjang dek? pengen nyoba pake stoking tapi tajut ribet kalo solat :(

  6. maxi dress and jeans vest always match really well! im your new follower ^^ mind to check mine?

  7. Ahhhh.. Difoto banyak banyak banget gitu. Hampir officially artis tu dek.

  8. I love the song, itu lagunya Keane kan? hihihii
    lokasinya keren deh :D

  9. cute post dear, love your dress
    with the flower detail
    would you tell me,where to buy your boots?
    don't forget to come to my blog
    thank you

  10. you look good with this outfit, love its soft color it's eye catchy.
    I love this song too, so much.. :)

  11. Great outfit from head to toe and beauitful photo


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