Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey April!

Welcome April! My mom's month, she'll celebrate her born day on April. ^^ Usually I send her a present every year, and this year, I don't know what the present should be, any idea?
This photo-session taken on March, actually I'm gonna post this one yesterday, but, I'm so tired.
Hope everything turn well this month, just like last month :D I wish everyone a good day on April!

Thanks to Miftah Faridh and Kak Irfan aka Kak Ibon for take these pictures ^^
These photo session taken in a Kamboja Park, and I'm using my new diy bag. The bag is so classic, then I put some studs and a ribbon lace on it.

We're using Miftah's camera and my 85mm lens.

here the detail of my shoes, diy bag ^^ hope it helps!
 buy the bag here Daily Wardrobe
and the super cute classic oxford shoes from In Her Shoes, her instagram

location : Kamboja Park
photographer : Miftah Farid and Kak Irfan (Kak Ibon)
wardrobe : Houndstooth pants - Zipper Point, Bag - Daily Wardrobe, Shoes - In Her Shoes, Top - 61, Shawl - Unbranded (Sudimampir Market), Jeans Vest - Unbranded (Family Boutique in my home town)

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26 sweet words:

  1. kadoin mesin jahit mini dekkkk (oke itu rencana aku dimei mendatang buat kado ibu sih :D)
    detail buat tasnya dong dek, pengen liyat ribbon ama studdednya :))))

    1. hahaha, mamah wanita karier kak, mana sempet ngejahit2, dan juga gak bisa make mesin jahit.
      Itu ka detail tasnya udah aku tambahin ^^ ribbonnya dari lace buat sendiri XD

  2. celananya keren ,,,,,
    hadiahin aja peralatan bikin kue yu ,,,,,(bener ha sih ,,,,)

    1. hihihi. mamah gak bisa bikin kue kak. :D
      masih bingung kasih apa.
      makasih kak ^^

  3. iya nih butuh detail sepasang sepatu dan tasnya hueueheheue

    1. sudah Linda :D itu di update fotonya, semoga cukup jelas soalnya kemaren gak sempat difoto sendiri tasnya :')

  4. naksir sama sepatunyaaa! >,< outfit-nya jg lucu :)
    Coba hadiahin baju aja dek, atau kalo mama wanita karir, tas buat kerja jg oke loh dek :) (skdar saran, hehehe)

  5. suka suka suka sama sepatunya, berpadu apik dengan celananya...uhuuuy!:))
    sepatuku yang ala2 gini blum sempet aku pake nih lagi, kali2 janjian ntar pas meet up pke sepatu samaan jenis gini asik juga kali ya...hahaha...

    akhirnya tasnya pake studded yaa,heheee:))
    suksesss ayu, BTW proposal aku diterima yuuu, dan sidangnya berjalan lancar, makasih untuk semangatnya yaaaa:))

  6. celana kamu nge-hits banget :)
    umh,,, hadiahin sepatu atau mukenah.

  7. nice shoes <3


  8. My mother always love it when we give her a small surprise on her birthday. One time, me and my brother, we give her a small cupcake on 12 am. She was teary. Perhaps you should try.
    Anyway, i was blog hopping, and I come accross your blog. Do you like photography as well? I love photography!! Especially using analog camera and negative roll. My camera is Minolta, and my favorite negative is expired 1999 negative. What's yours?

  9. love your shoes! so beaufiul phtos <3

    do you want to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?
    visit my blog ^^

  10. barakallah buat umminya ya de.. xo

  11. Selalu keren deh stlye nya yu.. huhuu.. ceria banget :)

  12. Hi kamuuuu aku suka celananyaaa... hihihi... :*

  13. super love the pants! :D
    anyway check out my latest post and feel free to join my giveaway :)


  14. Hi dear!! Have to say that i like your post very much, your blog is so cool and fresh :)
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  15. pretty girl!
    pretty outfit!

    Fotonya bagus-bagus bgt yu.
    asyik yaa punya fotografer...

  16. Love your oxford shoes and the bag so much!
    Btw, u're so talented in photograph! :)


  17. pretty sure I'm in love with your shoes!
    dalring pants as well. those prints are definitely making a comeback, right?

    The Sweetest Escape 

  18. wow nice oxford shoes.. great! and what a a beautiful park..

  19. Yuuuuuuuuuuu.. Keren ^^
    Kakak suka banget liat tone fotonya..

  20. madly in love with this look!
    i love how you mixed everything up!



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