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Happy Birthday Mom & Happy 1st Anniversary mylittlecreambutton

It's been a while since my last post. I'm so busy.. Too many activities on the past two weeks..

Happy Birthdaaaaay My One and Only Beloved Mom :*
Like I write in my last post, Hey April! , I was so confusing to choose a present for my mom, I've already give her a shoes, bag, brooch, etc on her last birthdays. I want something more than the rest :D Than, when I went to Banjarbaru and visited Book Fair together with Kak Anet and Kak Ozi, I saw a stand who sell caricature pictures, but it's too expensive I think. After a chat with my older brother, we decided to order a caricature picture from them. Unfortunately, it was rain a lot and that was the last day of the Book Fair, so we canceled it. Another idea came, my brother who is so good at drawing, sketch our family members, than it became the present for my mom :D

Yes, today is my mom's birthday ^^
and yesterday iiiiiis *dum dum dum* my blog anniversary! It's my little cream button 1st anniversary :D I still remember it's first post here.Thanks a lot everyone, for every readers and followers, for the one who reads all my posts since the first time, for the new readers.. ^^ I'm sorry I can't blogwalking and visit you guys blog these days. I'll try to post a good and more inspire.
for my mom, from her childrens
A little cake for my blog! A cake with full buttons, its colorful, its so me, right? ^^ The cake still in Kak Tya, the one that made this super cute cake, I'll pick it up tomorrow. Thanks a lot Kak Tya, for my blog 1st anniversary.

It was so good these days.. I got two photo session invitation on these two weeks, from Kak Sanusi, and the other one from Cha and friends ^^ I still wait for them to send my photos. Kak Sanusi already sent me some of my photos.
some photo session with Kak Sanusi
behind the scenes of photo session with Cha and Friends
 My parents already came back from Umroh, and of course, they bought me a lot (really a lot) chocolates, cakes, bites, nuts, raisins, etc. And my favorite chocolates, stones chocolates ^^ A chocolate with rock shapes. Oh, and they bought me a lot Sticky Candies too with many flavors and shapes.
Another happy moment in this April is I join a competition, a youth exchange program, called Program PPAN (Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara). This is my first time, actually, they already open the registration since a month ago, but, I decided to join it last Saturday, then registered on Monday. The selection is on Wednesday and Thursday (10-11/ 04/2013).
Without many preparation, on the first test (writing test) I passed it and became the best 50. After the first test, the second test is interview, and I'm so surprised agaaain, I passed it to and became the bet 30, finalist. The next day, the last day, we must gave a performance, like singing, dancing, etc in a group. I choose a traditional dance, and asked my friends in my art group to teach me.
I still can believe it, even if I'm not the winner (yes, I don't have any preparation), I became the third runner up to China (The one that win and can abroad is the first runner up only). I met many new friends there, learned many things, the whole two days in a hall, together with others participants we pray, eat, and watch tv together. I will try again next year.

After all the super busy days, I spent my weekend watched a theater performance with my bf on Friday. We watched a theater performance from Sanggar Matahari, my friend was the crew there.
Then on Saturday and Sunday I went to another campus in my city, UNISKA (Universitas Negeri Islam Kalimantan), attended an event there, it was read poetry contest and musical poetry contest which held by Sanggar Titian Berantai UNISKA, an art group from it's university. My group, Sanggar Bahana Antasarai joined both the competitions. We decided to wear Sasirangan (a Batik from Banjarmasin) and Batik on the second day.
I'm so happy that I can meet many friends from others art group like Himasindo and SSD. And it's so lucky, I can watched all the musical poetry performances ^^ All of them are so genius in art, puaaaaaas bisa lihat penampilan seniman senior kaya Belqis Of Art, Sadap, KSB, Dapur Teater, dll.
 Last, I got some presents these days.. A dream catcher necklace from Kak Ozi, a bracelet from Dwi, my friend, and than, my older brother also sketch me!
And, I'm so sorry to Feedya, she already made me these photowork a long time ago, and I just post it today, Thanks Feedya ^^
from kak Ozi
Left from Dwi. Right a hot pink dream catcher necklace from Kak Ozi
from my brother
From Feedya
 So, thanks everyone for read my blog, don't ever get bored. You can give me suggestions and criticisms, it will help me a lot, I read every comments even I didn't reply it. I'm so sorry, don't have many times. Once again, happy anniversary my little cream button!

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  1. happy birthday to your Mum dek ayuuuu, happy anniversary to your pretty blog!!, bikin kuis dong menyambut ulangtaun pertamanya *tsahhhh~ :D

    1. makasih kak Rini :* hehe, I love your blog too. Iya kak, pengen sih bikin giveaway, kaka ada saran atau mau join dengan hasta la vista ? XD

    2. wah selamat hari jadi ya ( untuk ibu dan blognya ) hadiahnya keren ,jago banget bikin sketsanya real banget ya , lollll,,,wah moga sukses pertukaran pelajarannya tahun depan ya ,,,,

  2. Happy Birthday to beloved Mom ! Love your inspiring blog :)


  3. Wow many thing you've done this week Ayu and all captured beautifully :). I like the caricatures, the cake (Me like the colorful buttons!), the quotes! Happy birthday dear my little cream button :), I really love ur sweet blog :*

  4. wowwwwww...happy birthdayyy mylittlecreambutton,semoga dapat terus mnjadi inspirasi,...amiiin..
    dann lagi dipostingan kali ini ada namaku,heheee...mkasihh ayuu:))

  5. happy birthday to your mom and happy anniversary to your blog!!

  6. happy birthday buat ibumu, dan waw, aku juga suka chocorock! hahaha :D

  7. Happy belated birthday to your mom and also your blog!! Aku pertama kalii visit blogmu and can't help but following hehehe drop few words on my outfit post. And I actually want to follow each other..lemme know! :)

  8. Happy belated birthday tante!
    and happy anniversary :D

  9. haii salam kenal :). blognya keren!! i've already follow you,mind to follow me
    back? thank u cantik :)

  10. hai, salam kenal yaa. blognya keren :) mind if follow each other? tell me :)


  11. Happy 1st Blog Aniversary ! keep inspiring and keep up your creativity :)

    Hei Echa!

  12. Happy birthday :D to your Mom , kak . And happy anniversary to your blog :) i have follow yoyr blog .. COOL :D ..

    visit my blog ?

  13. Waaaawww.. keren abis karikaturnya..kakakmu kratif sekaliii


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