Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goes To Kampoeng

MPB Goes to Kampoeng!
Yeah, another event by my community, it's a street hunting to a village on last Sunday (17th March 2013), this is the third edition of MPB Goes to Kampoeng, and its my first time! This time, we went to Kampoeng Ketupat. Ketupat is kind of dumpling (packed rice), more about ketupat here.
Before that, just wanna tell you guys! I got featured again in local media :D It was my 4th on local media, this time about my photograph activity.. Last month, I've been featured too, hereeee..
From Media Kalimantan, 28th March 2013
hmm... there's some articles that I think it's too much, so, I should say, 70% are real, and the rest are from the media. Not all from me.
Back to Goes To Kampoeng!
Unfortunately, because of most of the members got tired (the night before they went to play futsal), so it's only about ten people.
And, I got some candid photos from kak Fahry and Kak Andri, but kak Andry haven't send me the pictures :p he's so busy.
Here's some of the candid and the photos from my camera.
 Take a picture with these boys, and a candid came from Kak Fahry ^^
 Took a picture of these boys, then they wanted to see my photo, got a candid from behind!
from Kak Aqis, ok, I'm soooooooooo fat here
 I enjoyed my ice creams :D  bought three local-cheap-yummy ice creams, "eskrim tong-tong", then Kak Obob took it from me =="
And here some abstract, hi, and candid photos, taken by me. Thaaaaanks to my lens, 85mm, it's help me a lot for making a good photo, I got some sparkle photos. Btw, it's just some of my photos, my favorite photos have sent to Goresan Lensa Magazine, and it's not allowed to post anywhere if I sent the photos to them, I wish those photos are featured in April issue. Wish me luck!

 Love this girl expression
 candid for kak Andry
 Candid for Kak Fahry :D

date : 17th March 2013 (Sunday)
location : Kampoeng Ketupat, Banjarmasin
photographer : me, Kak Aqis, Kak Fahry
wardrobe : Oxford shoes - In Her Shoes, Bag - Daily Wardrobe, and the rest are unbranded
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  1. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  2. nice pictures! looks like you are having fun!
    kisses from miami,

  3. hehe aku lagi belajar fotografi di kampus dan lagi sering2nya hunting buat tugas :) nice hunting....

  4. kalau fotografi kamu sama aku pasti beda, soalnya aku di tekankan bukan foto dari segi keindahan melainkan dari segi makna yang tersirat, maklum jurusan jurnalis di tempa'a begitu deh :)

  5. Asiknya pulang kampung :)

  6. Ops! there's one thing that captures my attention here, your skirt! i like it so much! Your blog is wonderful! Keep it up dear!


  7. I am amazed by everything you do.

  8. Hi Adeayu! ;)
    That a great experience. Hope you doing well
    Big hug from Malaysia!


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