Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Meet Up!

Well, it's been more than a weeks since my last post. My college started and I'm busy with the task, my community, and bla bla bla. So, I can't blogwalking nor post something. I'm so sorry.
So, how are you guys? It's March, and the weather still not good I think, sometime it's rainy and sometime it's sunny. Whew..

This time, I'll talk about a meet up! With another fashion blogger from South Kalimantan! Yaaaay!
It's Echa from AMOUR and Kak Ozi from stylewithstory ! And also Kak Aditya from Simpelnews, a blogger from Blogger Banua, he's also my senior from other faculty which I never meet before. So yes, it's our first meet up! ^^
from left to right : Kak Aditya, Kak Ozi, Echa, and me
Yep, I never knew that I'll meet another fashion blogger from Banjarmasin. Echa is studying in a university in Jogja now, and she's on her holiday, while Kak Ozi is studying in a university in Banjarbaru (a city next to Banjarmasin). And we can meet up! Fufufu..
It was a bit awkward at first, but then I enjoyed it!
Unfortunately Echa should go to Jogja in early March, wish we can meet again when she's on her holiday.

Oh ya, and its rainy outside
Kak Aditya is so friendly! Although he's not fashion blogger, he told us many things about blog. We're so amazed by his experience.
Thanks a lot kak Aditya for join us and became our photographer ^^
Kak Ozi already post about our meet up in his blog! Check it here guys stylewithstory^^
Kak Ozi style is Modern Vintage.

What he wear : flip flop Jacket-Vintage (Second Market) - Shirt (Asia Slim Fit)-Celcius -flip flop Belt-Diery - Bag (tote/sling)-Celcius - Cotton Slim Fit Pants-Defly - Flat Shoes-Airwalk -Watch Casio Vintage Gold (A-168)
This beautiful hijaber is Echa ^^ She loves edgy style! 
What she wear : Hijab - Fiolla - Top-Unbranded (Amplaz Jogja) - Jeans-Unbranded - Shoes-Crocs - Bag-Jamsam - Watch-Jacque Martin
and me

date : 24th February 2013
location : Dunkin Donuts, Mall
photographer : all of us
wardrobe : Two tone shawl - local market, Top - Michy Shop, Skirt - Gaudi, Skinny Jeans - Zara, Boots - unbranded (Tanah Abang Market), Bag - unbranded (Malang Local Store)

We got gifts from kak Ozi ^^ Echa and me so surprised, the package itself is so cute, he made it by himself! It even has our name tag XD with button, flower, and line!
Tada~~ 3 new bracelets! The yellow, blue, and little colorful one. ^^ Too cute to be true!
super cute right!!

Oh! And I'm forget to tell you guys! Our mpb club magazine, Goresan Lensa is released it's second edition! Go download it HERE ^^
So for everyone who loves photograph, you guys must read it!
some sneak peek!

So see you again! Have a great week everyone!

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10 sweet words:

  1. widih :D keren ... kk ga goyang kan pas memfotonya :D maklum tukang kodak amatir haha :D

  2. huhuuu...seneng dan bangga bacanya..hehehee...
    makasih ya Ayuuu:))

  3. wow love your outfit in this post! totally inspired me :)

  4. kalau di perhatiin, yang punya blog, cenderung suka warna biru tosca ya :)
    soalnya kebanyakan dress yang dipakai buat sesion foto, kebanyakan biru, maaf kalau salah, hehehe

  5. Wow very cute photos! School is busy here, too. Crazy! Lots of work to do and barely anytime for blogging and visiting blogs. ;^; It seems like you and this blogger had a great time! Meeting new people is always awkward at first haha. I can't pronounce any of those names you listed haha ;^; but they seem beautiful! I like your new bracelets, too! He's cool to make those name tags!

    Have a great week <3 good luck at school and with your extra stuff to do!

  6. ah, meet up!
    Always fun, rite?

    love your looks.
    awesome as usual

  7. really nice meet up ^^
    btw, you look really amazing ^^


  8. Loving these pictures :)


  9. Waa serunyaaa kalian meeting up. Hahaha... kirain echa dan ayu udah pernah ketmu sebelumnya lho :). Btw luv ur outfit ayu

  10. Love the accesories! :)

    By the way, I just started blogging and found your site.Maybe we can follow each other thru Google friend connect?Let me know or email me at :)

    My blog:

    ~Like my FB page,Follow me on Twitter,Circle me on Google+ & I'll do the same!Promise guys! ;) -CJ


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