Friday, March 1, 2013

@dropyourbooks 1st Anniversary

Hi readers! Its March 1st! Welcome March ^^
Finally! Our #dropyourbooks is one year!
Yes, it still a young community ^^

What is #dropyourbooks? It's a social community who accept books and others that will be share to others who need it.
"#Dropyourbooks adalah sebuah program non-profit yang digagas oleh beberapa orang yang peduli akan pendidikan. Program ini bekerja dengan niat yang sangat sederhana: memberikan lebih banyak bantuan kepada lebih banyak anak Indonesia terkait pendidikan. Dimulai di kota Banjarmasin, Desember 2011, program ini terus berkembang dan berharap bisa merangkul lebih banyak orang untuk membantu pendidikan lebih banyak anak."
from #dropyourbooks' blog, Ok, I'm too lazy to translate it :p
Find more about #dropyourbooks on it blog!

 I still remember, first time joined them with my bestfriend, Saufi. But unfortunately he couldn't join us on this anniversary.
Last year, we had a fund raising event too, unfortunately I didn't post it on my blog. Others activity beside take care of the books, we're as volunteers become instructors in Yayasan Anak Bangsa and Sekolah Bawang. InsyaAllah, this year, we'll teach in another place too ^^

Kak Ninuk! One of #dropyourbooks founder
On #dropyourbooks 1st anniversay, we held some events, like garage sale, some acoustic bands performances, magic show, stand up comedy, etc! Thanks a lot for everyone, every volunteers, every donators, every sponsors! And other social community who helps and join us like Peduli Dangsanak and FIM Banua.
We wear red as the code dress like last year ^^
Aa and Kak Anggi ^^
kak Aryo and Kak Tina (one of #dropyourbooks founder too)
Mrs (Ibu) Irma who has Yayasan Anak Bangsa
 With Others
 With Kak Yunisa and Yoyo with cake from Mrs. Irma.
 With others again
 The cake..
 Yay, we bought the same t-shirts!
 The garage sale!
 The stage
some of the performances
 The items we sell!
 Our lovely pins! We sell it too, and for each person who bought it, they got one paper hopes which can be hang on the tree!
 Another social community who came is FIM Banua!
 With FIM Banua and the gift!
The photos tree and hopes tree.
My wish for #dropyourbooks
some sweets comment from my instagram ^^
And yesterday, together with Kak Anet, Gusti, Sarah, and Aida, we accompany FIM Banua who wants to visit Sekolah Bawang. It was a great day, I can't wait to watch the video and see the photos that was taken by FIM Banua.

date : 23rd February 2013
location : SMITH House
photographer : Aa, Me, Gusti, and others
wardrobe : Shirt - unbranded, Shawl - unbranded (Sudimampir market), Skirt - Chic Girl, Shoes - Flameon Footmate, Rilakkuma bag - Pocky Tocky, Necklace - Ayuyu made by Adeayu Hadijah

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12 sweet words:

  1. i love this! i would love to donate my old books and give them to people who need em more than I do right now. thanks for the info!


  2. Nice post! you look so pretty tho:)


  3. your blog so interesting
    and I already follow your blog
    If you don't mind follow back my blog
    maybe we can share anything about fashion

  4. Interesting activity! semoga bermanfaat :D

  5. hal sederhana yg bermanfaat buat banyak orang :) sukses ya komunitasnya hehe

  6. LOVE IT! :) nice blog you have <3 following each other?


  7. beberapa bulan yang lalu, malah aku di tawarin gabung sama salah satu Organisasi Non Profit, kagak usah di sebut apa nama'a, soalnya udah pasti tahu kalau disebut, hehehe
    kalau aku sendiri belum siap ikut kaya begituan, soalnya mau fokus sama project sendiri, kuliah & kerja, yang sudah menyita waktu & tenaga extra,
    salute deh buat kamu, yang ikut begituan :)

  8. looks like an amazing event
    and such a great cause
    good for you guys! :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  9. hai ayu..wahhhh tudung dan baju merah lagi..:)

    bagus2 good activity..




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