Friday, February 1, 2013

Yes, I'm her granddaughter!

Welcome February! Its month of love right?
Sadly I can't meet my bf till the end of the month. I'm still on my holiday!

Yeay!! Last Friday, 18th January, I found a treasure. ^^
When I was cleaning out my grandma's wardobe, I found many her outfits, old, so retro, printed, flowers, and it's still in a good condition !! I wanna scream out when I found a really cool printed blazer! unfortunately, it's too big for me, so, I'll send it to a tailor first.
I found many! skirt and blazer, and shirt, and dress, and vest, and top, and outwear, and, and.. So many :D

And here, not to talk too much, I wore my grandma's outfit, the yellow shirt and blazer are hers.
I wore it on a meeting with #dropyourbooks' volunteers in a new cafe in my city, double dipps cafe and resto. The place is awesome too. But I didn't take a picture there, since we were on a meeting.I went there again on Sunday with my parents ^^ And this time I took some pictures.
Another (not) important question, which photo you like the most? ^^

detail of it shirt XD
 date : 18th December 2013
location : in front of my grandma's house
photographer : self timer
wardrobe : BlackVeil, Shirt - my grandma, Skirt - "Gaudi", Blazer - my grandma, sock - Matahari Dept. Store, Loafer - "Itz Yours", Bag - "Classroom", Key necklace - unbranded, ring - Naughty

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19 sweet words:

  1. cool blazer anyway :3
    you must be happy find your grandma stuff :D

  2. grandmas ALWAYS have the BEST vintage clothes!
    Have a happy weekend doll!
    Kisses from Miami,

  3. it's cool, keturunan itu namanya :D, itu Necklace nya eye-catching banget! :3

  4. wah keren banget ,,,memang bener ya mode itu selalu berulang buktinys bsju nenek- kita in lagi ya

  5. i like the color combination of your outfit!
    style frontier

  6. kalau flat shoes'a lebih cerah warna'a mungkin lebih bagus kaya'a :)

  7. Love love vintage clothes by grandma <3
    Love the first pic :)

    1. Info the bag :
      Instagram : @elleatherdesign or @ellenangelia
      I do love with the bag too :)
      Hope u can find it ;)

  8. bakat terpendam neneknya trnyata nurun ke cucunya.. hehehehe

    Suka foto yang nomor 2 ^^

  9. eh beneran itu punya nenek? lucu banget topnyaaaaa :3
    dulu ibu aku juga punya paju baju lucu gitu eh baru mau aku obrak abrik udah diloakin duluan, huaaahhh sedih banget :3

  10. that's nice to have a fashion grandma huh?
    hihi, you're so lucky :)
    Yes, that's me ..

  11. adeee, mana ini new blog postnyah? sibuk ya?


    Yulia Rahmawati

  12. bawa oleh2 yg banyak ya dari kampung :D


    Yulia Rahmawati

  13. wahhh used self-timer only ma..nice i love the 1st photo so much! huh should learn to use the timer often since nobody is taking care of me n d camera! hahahhaa..tq dear 2 d visiting! :)

  14. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)


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