Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome to A Retro Party!

A Retro Party!
 Actually its not really "real" retro party, just a theme for photography event, which held by a community from other city around Banjarmasin, Pelaihari City.
The event called "Karasmin Bahari #1" and the theme is Retro Party. It held in the main square of the city, there's street gallery, "onthel" old bicycle community, a model photo contest, etc!
My photographer community, MPB Club also joined this event. Some of them went the day before the event.
While Kak Ibon and me went there on the last day (Sunday, 6th JAnuary 2013). When I arrived, the event was about to end, yeah.. we're late. I didn't have a plan to go there actually.. and it's so suddenly!

So happy because our photographers win the photo contest, a model photo contest. We're so surprised! The first winner is Yona, then Kak Wahyu "Onta", and Bang Aam. There're sooo many photographers who joined this contest, and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd winner goes to us! Congrats to MPB Club ^^
Actually, there were sooo many photos of me in the street gallery which taken with Kak Ibon's camera. So sad, the memory was broken, all of my photos and our family photos was erased. Huhuhu
So, here some of my photos from my camera, his camera, and others..

And oh right!
MPB Club Magazine, "Goresan Lensa"  is released! The first edition!
You can download it here for free! Yayness! For free!! But it's in Indonesian Language ONLY.
If you like "photograph", you MUST read it ^^ there's a profil about Ve Dhanito, a famous photographer. She's amazing! And also there's a essay photos about "concert action stage", there's my writings too, I was one of the contributor ^^
So what are you waiting for? go download it here ^^
and if you like it, you can say it to mpb club twittere @mpbclub
And just wait for the second edition this month!
continue to the photos... fufufu
the winners
with the winners
I wear Korean Hoodies cardigan... Remember this post about Korean Hoodies who endorse me ^^
Yes, you can buy so many cute cardigans in their website here,
or on facebook, and twitter. ^^ It's not expensive too.
 Some candid

 and umm.. I'm too embarrassed to say it. After the event, we're still have a chat and then, the senior want he and me to did a couple photo shoot, we rejected it, but they keep want it. Kak Andri was the most anxious one! He even ask us to bla bla bla like holding hands.. 
The next day, he released a photo of us in facebook fanpage, then it's spread in instagram, and then so many of mpb club (and even non mpb club) changed their bbm's dispaly picture to our photo. The photo? I'm too embrassed to post it, but I end up put it on a photo gif in the end of this post.
  New pin bought by Yona, the first winner XD
 Then we went to a mountain, and ups, bang Aam took another candid photo.

date : 6th January 2013
location : Pelaihari City, Pelaihari Mountain
photographer : Kak Andri, Bang Aam, Kak Ibon, Kak Wahyu "onta", Miftah Faridh, and others
wardrobe : Flower Shawl - "Say Hijab", Cardigan - "Korean Hoodies", Top - "61", Skirt - "61", Satchel Bag - "Classroom", Boots - unbranded, Bracelets - Martapura Market, Envelope Pursue - "Gosh"


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14 sweet words:

  1. Aish, aish, so romanticcc *wolfwhistle*

    hehe, just kidding ka :), congratz for MPB club ka :), btw I love the color combo ka; I thought It's gonna be hideous to blend blue with feminine color, it's looks good


  2. cieeeee.. uhuk uhuk ehemmmm *haha I have no words to explain :D

  3. Dear Adeayu!
    Wonderful! Congrats for MPB club :D
    Hope you had a great weekend ...

  4. Great pictures, look's like you had a great time !


  5. nice photos :) the outfit palette is very playful :) so fit for the summer :) cool!!!! :)

    your new follower,

  6. Congrats dear! I like ur outfit combination


  7. Cute post doll!

    Thanks for your lovely comment, i'n excited to try out my new lens:)

    Love from Amsterdam!


  8. dari dulu tertarik sih, sama dunia Fotografi, tapi lebih tertarik ke dunia Jurnalistik, maklum tuntutan pendidikan :)
    beautiful moment

  9. looks like you have a great day :-)

  10. the second photo is amazingly captured! and you look so chic, i always adore those who still can look so fashionable in hijab!

  11. congrats mpb club!
    Keren yaaa bisa menangin semua

    Lovely photos, ayu!
    me likey!

    I love love love the las photo.
    It looks like a pre-wed photo ngahahahaha



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