Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The moment, the old broken building

How are you people??
This time, I'll share about a journey with MPB Club, 2 days before "Jelajah 1000 Sungai with MPB Club", on 28th December 2012, Friday, Kak Ibon, Kak Intan, Miftah, and me went to dock to check our ship.

Before we went to the dock, we searched and bought some snacks for the participants' snacks. We went to a local market, some cake factories, and have a brunch in local market. Edisi ngebolang ceritanya.
And then, the owner of the ship, the uncle, asked us if we want to go to across the island, went to a lumber mill where he worked.

All of us agree, since it's free ^^. The uncle was so kind, I really want to enter the mill, I saw an old building and my deepest heart was scream out, "Ayu!! You shouldn't miss the moment! You should enter that awesome old building", my friends didn't allow me to enter the building, no one of them want to go there like me, so I just stay at the fence, looking to the building, with my puppy eyes, then the uncle who saw me, and suddenly he said "do you want to enter the mill?" and I said "Yes!!! Ofcourse!", then he laughed a lot :D
At the dock
on the ship, from Miftah Faridh's instagram
 In front of the old building, a candid by Kak Ibon, he afraid to comes to come up to the building since there are so many dogs
From Kak Ibon's instagram
In front of The Building
The building is awesome though it's broken and old. I love it.
Then we entered the mill, its soooo big and we amazed by so many woods.

on the way back home, I took a picture of a ship by my handphone camera

date : 28th December 2012
location : a dock, a lumber mill, an old building
photographer : Kak Ibon and mostly taken by Miftah Faridh
wardrobe : Skirt - "Chic Girl", Butterfly Top - unbranded, local market, Cardigan - "Rast Style", Loafer - "Itz Yours", Backpack - "K+", Socks - "Sox Galeri"

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  1. awesome journey :D
    cute backpack! :3

    suka fotonya yg backgroundnya kayu itu :D

  2. Nice pictures!! i like your top!! And btw, just came across your blog and I love the header! Really cute and nice <3

    I'm following you now on GFC! Hope you follow me back :)

  3. Keren banget yu ,,,,jadi penasaran rasanya naik perahu segede gitu gi mana ? Mabuk laut ga yu?

  4. Yg bekgronnya kayu, bagus cin.. tp ada orang berbaju hijau yak.. hehehehe
    Tetep suka suka suka ^^

  5. Very cute photos! Love them all, the old bldg making such a great photo shot background.
    Sepatu kakak banyakkkk sekali, jadi malu mo bilang jumlahnya... :)

  6. Hi there! So glad to found this wonderful blog :D

  7. waaaaa seruuuu :D

    hei adeayu kata temenku dia kagum bgt sama blog kamu hehe

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  9. wow, so much fun! Sudah lama tidak berpetualang, jadi pingin :)

    sweet and sugars,

  10. okay aku bales sekarang.
    The set in my previous post 'new perspective' where there's a newspaper on the wall is in my neighbor's under-construction house.
    hahaha, dan beenienya itu sebenernya adalah penutup kepala maling (yang kaya tudung kepala berlubang itu) tapi aku modify jadi beenie (dipotong dan dijait ulang)

  11. Cool place and great photograph, sist!

    Anyway, you're one of the bloggers that I nominated for the Liebster Award! Please kindly check it at Thank you for participate!

    Lots of Love, Ina ♥

  12. cute bag! so cool, by the way thanks for the awards ya de :D


    Yulia Rahmawati

  13. thanks for the comment and following but i don't see you :)

  14. wow, great photos! especially with the mirror effect!

    xoxo, ANECIA

  15. kalo berminat silakan ikut ya hehehe

  16. nicee dear ^^
    kindly visit my blog
    thank you :)

  17. Seems like a really great place! I've never been to any harbour before cuz I rarely travel with ferri :D But I really wanna try once! ^^


  18. nice journey,

    old building tapi jadi keren yah hasil fotonya :D

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  19. nice shot!


    My Dutch Fashion Style

  20. beautiful photos!


  21. keren bgt foto2nya!! editannya juga keren. tasnya super lucu hehehehe. This year I am starting a blogging project called "Bandung Cross outlet" where once a week I am going to visit an outlet in Bandung and write a post about it. I hope you may take a peek on my blog :
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  22. Awesome photos!

    Nggak takut ada "hal lain" yang kefoto yuuuuu...
    *Tersenyum ngeri*

  23. Kaaaa Ayuuu,kecee ihh.. Mau dong diajak hunting ka :3 heehheeh... See u ya ka , semoga bisa ketemu :)

  24. Aiiih bagus-bagus fotonya Ayuuu... Seru banget kayaknya hunting fotonya :D


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