Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rooftop Story

When I went back to my hometown, Pangkalanbun city in Central Borneo, I did some photoshoot with my brother. This is a photoshoot in my home, in the 2nd floor, the rooftop, and upstairs front page.
Thank a lot to my big brother ^^ We use 50mm lens from my dad's friend. :D but now I bought 85mm.

Last year, I took a picture of my brother here, and when I went back, I asked him to take a picture for me.
The scarf is so cute right? Its Fifi Lapin! Do you know Fifi Lapin? If you don't, she's a fashionable rabbit icon, XD and I really like this rabbit.
Angry face :p

The shoes is so cute too right? I really love cream and brown colors, and its polkadots! XD
This is in the upstairs front page of my house
The bags is my Mom, then I ask her to give it to me :D
I really love this scarf!! Its too cute XD

location : rooftop and upstairs front page of my house
photographer : My brother, Ferry (Mufefi)
wardrobe : Fifi Lapin Scarf - Zia Zahra Boutique
Shirt - Unbranded
Blue Skirt - Zia Zahra Boutique
Socks - unbranded
Suspenders - Naughty
Shoes - FLAMEON Footmate
Bag - Palomino
Polka Ribbon pin - a gift from kak Naning

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31 sweet words:

  1. cute banget sepatu nyaaaa aaa.. iya nih aku mau beli lensa baru juga. kalo 85 itu udh cukup ya buat keperluan photoshot gitu? masi bingung mau yg mana

  2. Lovely post + pictures! I love your blog. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

  3. Your brother captured all these? Amazing! I have 2 bothers and none of them give me helps and problems instead :D Yep, Fifi is the only rabbit I love teehee

  4. perpaduan tops sama sepatu, cocok banget, plus ditambah rok dengan warna biru soft

  5. wow.. you took a lot of shots, great!

  6. cute hijab. and that skirt is lovely

  7. woooow love your shawl and bag

  8. suka sepatu dan kaos kakinya ayuuuuu...:D

  9. hwaaaa.... very cute look!

  10. i love FIFI LAPIN~ (
    You are adorable~


  11. looking so cool and chic here! i love how you play with color and patterns, making the whole outfit looks so much fun!

  12. oh i love your outfit, especially that scarf! <3

  13. wow. cool skirt!

  14. Too cute for words, love those colors and you looked adorable girl =)

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  15. lovely blog.

  16. Suka sepatunya kak ... Lucukkk <3


  17. yay! for fifi lafin scarfnya ka! lucu, biru lagi, tapi tetep; itu sepatu sama shocksnya keren bangettt!

    cool hijaber! cantik! :)

  18. haaaaiii salam kenal yaa! blogmu keren banget uuuu :3
    yuk saling blogwalking

  19. love how you mix n match everything~~~ pretty, and I do LOVE fifi lapin too <3

  20. aw your scraf really love it, love the color and your style very fresh.


  21. wah gambarnya lucu nih, salam kenal blogwalking ya :)

  22. Hey there is not much blogger who could work outfit easily in hijab as some might see it as a limitation to dressing but some people like you are totally using it as fashion item of yours too!

    very nice outfit and keep blogging!

    hope you will spare some time to visit our blog too!

  23. thanks for the nice comment. i've follow you back

  24. aww..
    you looks so gorgeous wearing that dress :)

  25. hmm lucu sih sama stylist nya... suka sama wana nya.. tapi tangannya kurang panjang.... :)

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